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High school is finally over which means I can work on this project again!

You've got mail! A second freight wagon has been added. In this case a mail car.

"Locomotive" ČD 810 for small passenger services (left) and its additional car Btax (right) incase one isn't enough.

And again in Najbrt.

This little resourcepack adds a variety of Czech passenger cars and locomotives to Immersive Railroading.
Such as:

  • ČD 714
  • ČD 750
  • First Class
  • First/Second Class
  • Second Class
  • Second Class with luggage
  • Commuter Second Class
  • Dining Car
  • Sleeping Car
  • Luggage Car (Which is coded as a freight wagon so it can transport items)
  • and few more

How to install:
For client just put the file into the minecraft resourcepack folder
For servers into config/immersiverailroading folder


First/Second Class


Luggage Car


Dining Car


Sleeping Car


Though my models lack some details, I've tried to make them as accurate as possible.


And if you don't like them Green and White (CD classic), you can download them in Najbrt 1 (CD najbrt) instead! (Or, because the resource pacs are independent, you can have both at the same time!)


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