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This is Cave Update

The 1.17 Recreation Resource Pack


This pack aims to recreate all the blocks and entities from the upcoming 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update!


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Acacia Leaves -> Azalea Leaves
Dark Oak Leaves -> Blooming Azalea Leaves
Red Glazed Terracotta -> Azalea Roots
Purple Glazed Terracotta -> Amethyst Geode Block
Activaor Rail -> Amethyst Crystal
Orange Glazed Terracotta -> Copper Ore
Purpur -> Copper
Red Nether Brick -> Copper Stage 1
Prismarine -> Copper Stage 2
End Stone -> Copper Stage 3
Acacia Button -> Clay Pot
Warped Button -> Painted Clay Pot
Weeping Vines -> Glow Berry Vines
End Rod -> Spore Blossom
Twisting Vines -> Dripleaf Plant
Detector Rail -> Small Dripleaf Plant
Green Wool -> Moss
Iron Bars -> Hanging Azalea Roots
Jungle Fence -> Blooming Azalea Sapling
Powered Rail -> Azalea Sapling
Black Glazed Terracotta -> Skulk
Gray Glazed Terracotta -> Skulk Chute
Rail -> Skulk Growth
Stonecutter -> Skulk Sensor
Red Sandstone Wall -> Stalagmite Base
Prismarine Wall -> Stalagmite Middle
End Stone Brick Wall -> Stalagmite End
Nether Brick Wall -> Stalactite Base
Brick Wall -> Stalactite Middle
Mossy Stone Brick Wall -> Stalactite End
Yellow Glazed Terracotta -> Dripstone
Red Nether Brick Wall -> Lightning Rod
Sea Pickle -> Candle
Light Blue Glazed Terracotta -> Dark Stone
White Glazed Terracotta -> Marble
Light Gray Glazed Terracotta -> Geode Casing
Ravager -> Warden
Salmon -> Axolotl
Sheep -> Goat






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