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Hello! This is a texturepack I have been working on and tweaking for quite some time and have developed along with my Building with fWhip series over on YouTube. 


This pack is built to be used with Jappa's Minecraft 1.14 Texturepack so I would recommend using those in line instead of the programmer art default textures for the best result.


Optifine is recommended as well as there are some overlay textures built into the pack that are only usable through Optifine.


You can check out my channel and series using this pack here: 



Please note, you are NOT allowed to redistribute this pack without my explicit permission. You are NOT allowed to take any of these textures out of my pack and claim them as your own. If you are created a texture pack solely for yourself and are not sharing it with anyone, you may use these textures as well but please do not redistribute this pack or steal any of my work. Thanks!