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Brixel 3.1 x64 - available for FREE
Brixel 3.1 x128-x1024 - available at


Installation tutorial, Brixel 3.1 BSL version:

You can also follow the guide in attached PDF.


Great news! A new Brixel Update is now live and it's full of surprises and new content!

The new release corresponds with summer holidays and the beautiful weather outside. "Exotic Tales", as we named it, focuses on truly oriental content that has been freshly added to Minecraft. We are going to visit colorful, Japanese themed cherry groves, Chinese bamboo jungles and vast deserts of Middle East. Latest Minecraft updates added new blocks, items and mobs to the game. A lot of new content, ready to get brixelized! So, buckle up and let's gooo!

Update 3.1 brings two new sets of construction blocks - Bamboo and Cherry. The beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees add some breathtaking aesthetics to the game - something that we wanted to recreate in their bricky counterparts. We've added custom textures and models for branches, leaves, falling particles and petals. All of that adds up to create great overall visuals. You can now fill your Brixel worlds with Cherry and Bamboo - themed standard blocks like stairs, doors, signs, etc.

For transportation, you can now use new Cherry Boat and Bamboo Raft. Both have different models that utilize various types of bricks and materials! And they have Chests for storage as well!

The new Cherry and Bamboo bricks create a great background for our new guest. Say hi to the new mobs: Camels, Sniffers, Allay and Vex! Brixel Camels received a new, custom model that consists of many different brick types. You can also put bricky saddles on them for a ride! You can easily fall in love with the cute Sniffers - we are really happy about how they turned out! Oh, and there are Sniffer Eggs as well! Allay and Vex have also received a bricky facelift, make sure to check them out!

For those who like playing in the sand - the update brings the new archaeology content! Take the new Brixel Bruch and keep your eyes open for Suspicious Sand and Gravel Blocks. They special blocks are marked with a brick that has a brush symbol on it. As you keep brushing the blocks, the more bricks will fall apart to reveal hidden treasures!

We've also added the new Hanging Signs (in all materials), as well as Froglight (in different colours). Yet, there is much more to discover about Brixel v3.1.


Brixel turns Minecraft into world made of tiny bricks, similar to those that many of us remember from our childhood!

Each block has been given a new dimension, by transforming it into a Brixel – a cube built of many small 3d elements (brick-pixels). Those little bricks come in different forms and lie on different layers, creating depth and "mosaique" structure on the blocks. Each Brixel has been designed individually, resembling the looks and purpose of the original blocks.Brixel aims to give a unique and never-before-seen aesthetics to the Minecraft world, but still keep the vanilla Minecraft feel.


  • Turn Minecraft into world made of tiny bricks. Dive into ultimate Minecraft brick experience, as never seen before!
  • Optimized performance - complex geometry is simulated using Parallax Occlusion Mapping.
  • Created for use with BSL Shaders v8.2+.
  • Available in different resolutions: 64x, 128x, 256x, 512x and 1024x.
  • Custom brick sounds. The bricks make “rattling” and “clicking” sounds when they are placed, hit and destroyed. Footsteps have their own sounds as well!
  • Custom items. Use the Wabbabrick (pickaxe mod) to smash those bricks! Discover other models for yourself!


The 64x version of Brixel includes the same features that are available in higher resolution versions.

The screenshots and the video show the full version of the pack, in 512x resolution, with SEUS PTGI HRR Test 2.1 shader (which is temporarily not supported by the pack).
The pack is currently WIP, with about 90% of all blocks done.
Alternative resolutions: 64x, 128x, 256x, 512x, 1024x


In order to work, Brixel requires installation of the newest version of Optifine, as well as the shader mentioned above.

Please make sure that you follow the installation instructions that come together with your pack. Your gaming experience may be unsatisfactory if you won’t follow those instructions.

Installation tutorial, Brixel 3.1 BSL version:

You can also follow the guide in the attached PDF.