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NEW: Support for Paintings++ mod!

More Info Below!


Also: Resource pack for the Extra Alchemy mod released, find it HERE



Small 2x1 painting viewed in-game



Large 4x2 painting viewed in-game



Paintings++ Mod GUI viewed in-game




Default Texture



Alternative Frames

. .


. .


. .


. .


Description / Instructions

Just add to your game like any other texture pack and it will replace the "Courbet" and "Fighters" paintings. You can use the alternative frames by replacing the default one in the folder and naming them "courbet" or "fighters". You can also replace the other 4 vanilla landscape paintings, more information is in the included .txt file.

  • Paintings++ mod support is built into V6 and later. Follow the instructions to install the mod, otherwise, this pack is drag and drop.


A Lil' Backstory

I had gotten sick of pulling up the Minecraft wiki to check how to brew a potion every time. So I went looking for in-game alternatives, there was a really simple one for Bedrock Edition but I was on Java. There was also the VanillaTweaks potion guide but I wanted an easier to understand, step-by-step instruction guide for making potions. I ended up making this a month-long side project and published it here. I update this fairly often.


Mod Support



Extra Notes

> You may use this pack in custom maps. I think there's a way to have the resource pack embedded in a map file, not completely sure.

> Clearly don't re-upload this pack as your own, edited or not (within custom maps are fine).

> If you use the alternative frames the sides of the paintings will still be wood, this is a limitation in Minecraft's engine and cannot be changed without changing ALL of the sides of Minecraft's paintings.

> Thanks to AbsolemJackdaw for making the Paintings++ mod

> TO OPTIFINE DEVELOPERS, I would love to be able to expand on this pack with randomized textures and maybe even texture overlays, but Optifine doesn't support what I think was described as "atlas textures for entities" or something like that.