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Mobs Refreshed + Fresh Animations Minecraft Texture Pack

Fresh Animations - Minecraft Resource Packs - CurseForge

This Resource packs bridges the gap between the Redesigned mobs of Boss Refreshed and the Expressive and Smooth animations of Fresh Animations. To enjoy the pack to its fullest you must set your resource pack folder in this order.

Boss Refreshed by: Lukidon
Fresh Animations by: FreshLX

While Optifine is the more popular method of using CEM Packs, I would personally advise using Entity Model Features. The reason is that I test all my packs on EMF and not Optifine and EMF can do a lot more with CEM than Optifine. (You can still use Optifine, but if there are bugs then you know why.)

Download Entity Model Features for Forge/Fabric here.