8-Bit Minecraft

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1,378 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

Minecraft has always had too many pixels, so let's just bring it down to 8-bit.


Instead of making everything super HD and cool looking, this resource pack goes into the opposite direction. This resource pack brings back the 8-bit genere, and every block and item is 8x8 pixels. If you ever though your game could run faster, here is the resource pack to do just that. This improves the speed of minecraft almost 3 times, which is amazing for a resource pack. It sounds bad, but give it a shot; you might just change your mind.


Feature List:

  • Some songs are 8-bit
  • All blocks & items are 8x8 textures
  • All GUI's have been 1/2ed in scale
  • All entities are 1/2ed in scale

Future Plans:

  1. Create custom textures
  2. Make all the songs 8-bit
  3. Finish off the language
  4. Make fonts different
  5. Adding mod support

All mod-support is for version: 1.9.4

Mod Support:

  • Tinkers Construct: Download
  • Chisel
  • Carpenters Blocks


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