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Made to be used alongside the BetterVanillaBuilding texturepack, but can also be applied as a standalone

Bored of the square looking leaves in minecraft? Look no further!

Not only will this addon pack give you the amazing look of bushy leaves, it also applies BetterVanillaBuilding's additions on biomes changing the leave color in certain biomes to give them their unique appeals.


Biome changes you will come across when using the pack are:

  • Fall themed dark oak forests
  • Golden birch biomes
  • Pink flower forests
  • Snowy snow biomes
  • Brown mountain leaves



Bug Troubleshooting:
-Must have graphics on fancy or higher.
-Optifine is recommended for biome content
-Keep the addon pack up to date to not miss out on new biome dependent leaves from the main pack


You can donate to the pack by clicking this link: