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Better Vanilla is a 16x pack of community-made default-style textures (used with permission from original authors). The textures in Better Vanilla revamp the default textures to look better, to be more vibrant, or to be smoother, all without straying too far from the original feel of the game



  • Different skies for different biomes
  • Lighter and clearer water
  • More vibrant grass
  • Improved and more natural-looking crops
  • Variation textures for grass, podzol, and mycelium
  • Animated Redstone & Redstone-related blocks
  • Greatly improved smoother nether blocks
  • Smoother Diorite, Andesite, and Granite
  • Better sunset and sunrise, with a custom lightmap
  • Natural and atmospheric sounds
  • Various tweaks to fix vanilla's inconsistencies
  • and more, check it out for yourself!


Default Patch by Palladium Knight as base - Permission Granted

Red's Pack by Justin Redfield for paintings - Permission Granted

Naturus Bookshelf, planks, cactus, and sounds - CC BY-NC-SA

Taunoa Complete for lily pad, ferns - Permission Granted

Sensecraft by SCtester for clear water, netherrack, quartz ore, colormap, rain (edited), and magma - Permission Granted

Flashy Redstone by Water_Gem [Noah] and Coti5432 for Redstone, Pistons, and Observers - Permission Granted

Stone & Ore Variants by Water_Gem [Noah] and Coti5432 for Stone - Permission Granted

Better Turf by Evtema3 for grass, podzol, and snowy grass (edited) - Permission Granted

Default Plus by u/Wert4Nines for smaller crosshair, fishing rod, watermelon, saplings, and language changes - Permission Granted

u/Roelof1337's Fixed Iron Golen for fixed Iron Golem - Permission Granted

u/MrVerece's remade recipe book texture for better recipe book - Permission Granted

Unity by CyanideX for all crops and arrows - Permission Granted

Naturalized by Jeffyjeff_yt for logs - Permission Granted

PE Pistons by Mickey Joe Alpha for Pistons - Permission Granted

Better Atmosphere by u/creamcheese7 for sky (edited) and lightmap - Permission Granted

Pumpkin Patch by u/CodenameAwesome for fixed pumpkin - Permission Granted
John Smith Legacy by JimStoneCraft, JohnSmith and JohnSmith Technician's Remix (JSTR) for sky (edited) - Permission Granted

Item Frame Fix by Duke for Item Frames - Permission Granted



Discord Server:

Note: Some features will require Optifine, which you can get here.