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Skeletons are one of my favourite mobs... texture wise not gameplay wise, but sadly i can only change textures in texture packs, so i made them even better, There are Jungle Skeletons, Swamp Skeletons, Snowy Skeletons, Nether Skeletons, Desert Skeletons, Badlands Skeletons, Savanna Skeletons, Dripstone Skeletons, Lush Skeletons, Skeletons with Robes,
Skwiglins (Skeleton + Piglin) and Skillagers (Skeleton + illager)
There are also different Strays And Wither Skeletons
All Skeletons are biome dependent

● 120 Skeleton Variants
● 9 Wither Skeleton Variants
● 3 Stray Variants

Max's Better Mobs and Fresh Animations Version

Made By: creepermax123
Concept Art By: Molly_Rocks & Edgewich

To make sure the pack works go to
Options>Video Settings>Quality
and make sure these are on

Custom Entity Models: On
Emissive Textures: On
Random Entities: On