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This resource pack included little tweaks to make Minecraft look better to me at the time. 

It was SUPPOSED TO BE based on The Jappa Textures Backport by Eddez_ but NOVASKIN BROKE IT BEFORE IT GOT OUT OF PRERELEASES!!

The Jappa Textures Backport can be found at at https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/new-jappa-textures-for-1-12

Here is a list of what I managed to change:

  • Forces textures I didn't change to be the ones from 1.14 in any version
  • The colour schemes of some gold & diamond tools match those of the armour
  • The gold crown and leather tunic turn into The King's Clothes
  • Invisible hotbar
  • The bow string changed colour when you pulled it.
  • Completely replaced all the splashes
  • Fixed the sides of the Villagers' heads
  • Changes to the font to make it centred in height