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385 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2

Balanced Energy is a work in progress kinda steam-punky themed resource pack, with an unnecesary secondary lore:

A long time ago, there was perfect balance of power on the minecraft world, everyting worked thanks to the ender energy extracted from dragon eggs. But monsters rose from the nether and wanted to conquer the energy. They succeded, and they stole all of the dragon eggs and forged them into an incredibly powerful item, the nether star. The greedy ender dragon became over protective of its eggs and the only way to get the energy now is to assasinate the dragon. Millions of years later, you have awaken, and with the energy of the dragon egg, you must revive the wither and recover the nether star, only then balance will be restored in the minecraft worlds.

A bunch of items and blocks revolve around ender energy, from nether fortresses to elytra.
This pack also has a smooth/cartoony art style, wich can be seen in textures like stone or dirt, and also in a new color palette, with lighter colors, giving your colorful minecraft builds a calm look.
Diamond also recieves a big change, being based on real diamond when reflecting light and revealing a mosaic of color.

All blocks made of iron have a rounded square on the side.

All saplings are modeled.

Daylight sensors are solar & night panels.

Remember this is a prototype version of this pack, if you find any texture errors, don't be shy and tell me.

Also i'm totally open for suggestions, so share your ideas with me!

(This pack is still in beta and almost everything is subject to change)


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Special thanks to everyone in the Pack Painters discord server for their feedback and motivation.



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