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This project has stopped its developtment, If you wanna see more of AVPBR
Check out AVPBR Retextured as it is the new version of the project





AVPBR and Vanilla comparison

What does this pack do?
AVPBR adds the materials and properties to blocks so they glow or reflect! also reflective items and armors AND mobs

How does it work?
PBR resource packs only work by using a shader that has PBR features so the pack can support it
Which version does this pack Support?
Most of them, from 1.8 to 1.16, 1.16 has weird compatibility with older versions because of some features mojang changed but i fixed some with Add Ons
Vanilla PBR is better lol
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ preferences 
Your pack is bad :((( it doesnt work in my potato PC
you need a shader lol

Also if you dont have a master PC then use Sildurs Enhanced Default by Sildurs





How to install the Pack:


Download the latest version of the pack> Open %appdata% or your .minecraft folder > go to resource packs and put Another Vanilla PBR in the folder (Never unzip the pack) > enjoy with Another Vanilla PBR 



Rules of the pack:


-dont use this resource pack as your own pack 


-if you are going to use the pack in a video and send a download link, use the link to curseforge Another vanilla PBR


-dont make a pack with my textures, everyone can make their own textures, copying is not the right way 


-i made this pack for my own cause, dont use your name in this pack, that will cause confusion and you will dont have the latest version in distribution so you are not the owner 


-you can combine the textures with your pack if you want, but you cant distribute the pack on patreon or another way to share the pack, the textures you combine are only for you and no one more