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This is a simple resource pack that tries to prevent xray texture packs in 1.15+ when used as a server resource pack. This can be useful if there are no good ore obfuscation methods available for a new version/snapshot yet or if you just want to run a Vanilla server without any mods/plugins but still have some protection.

It works in a way that restores the default models of the ores (in the lite version) or all blocks (in the full one, but that breaks custom models from other resource packs) without overriding any textures of other resource packs. That way only the custom models that make it possible to xray are blocked allowing your players to still use other local packs without xray functionality.

If used as a server resource pack it will always override any other xray pack and apply the normal, non-see through blocks. You can then use a plugin to force server resource packs by kicking anyone who doesn't accept the pack download! (Or use 1.17's new required pack functionality)



Just with an xray resource pack without any of my packs


Anti Xray Lite

With the added lite version of my pack. Only hides ores. Best compatibility with other packs.

Anti Xray Lite

Anti Xray Full

With the added full version of my pack. Completely stops see through blocks. Will break custom models of other packs!

Anti Xray Full



Please note that this pack is not a 100% guarantee that your players wont be able to xray! There might be ways around this method. It also does not protect against xray mods! Use an obfuscater like the one built into Paper as soon as it's available!