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Minecraft Texture Pack Minecraft Texture Pack
ladybug - znygames
Today, I have a new texture pack for you with the theme "Ladybug"!




ladybug animated hotbar - znygames

The armor bar: mask of Ladybug

The health bar: the yo-yo

The Hardcore health bar:

The hunger bar: the bell of Cat Noir

The air bar: air

The XP bar: pattern of Ladybug

The hotbar: different symbols of the Renlings

left hand
The left hand: yo-yo

cool down
Cool down: miracle box

more examples in the picture gallery above ⬆️


I hope you like what you see. As always, I've done my best to adapt the hotbar to match the theme and reflect it as accurately as possible.

This texture pack includes a new hotbar and new icons, such as the hunger bar and more, all designed to fit the Ladybug theme. You can use this pack in the standard Vanilla version and with Fabric.
Dive into your Minecraft world with this charming and unique look!

New! with this pack:
- This Java Minecraft texture pack is now also available for Fabric.
- The pack is playable with Fabric Loader versions 0.15.11 - 1.21.

- animated hotbar 


Note: If you encounter any issues, make sure that the texture pack is compatible with your version of Minecraft, and that you have followed all of the steps correctly.

▪️ Install as Fabric

The latest Fabric Launcher is required for the Minecraft Fabric mod

▪️ Update your Java. At least Java 21

Update JAVA

▪️ Install as Vanilla

    • Open Minecraft: Launch Minecraft and click on the "Options" button.
    • Go to the "Resource Packs" section: In the options menu, select "Resource Packs" to open the resource packs screen.
    • Move the texture pack to the correct location: Locate the folder where your Minecraft resource packs are stored. The default location is usually in the "resourcepacks" folder under your Minecraft game directory. Move the downloaded .zip file to this folder.
    • Select the texture pack in Minecraft: Back in the resource packs screen, select the texture pack that you just moved to the resource packs folder. The texture pack should now be listed in the "Selected Resource Packs" section.
    • Apply the changes: Click on the "Done" button to apply the changes and enable the texture pack.
    • Enjoy the new texture pack: Start a new game or load a saved game, and the new texture pack should now be in effect.

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We invite you to join our Discord community where you can connect with fellow players, share your ideas, and report any bugs you encounter. Whether you have suggestions for improving the hotbar or need support with any issues, our community is here to help. Let’s build, explore, and create together!


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See you in the next pack!