Past versions: 1.16, 1.17




A dreamlike texture pack with heavy emphasis on biome diversity and vibrant colors.


Q. Can I use this texture pack on stream/youtube/post screencaps/etc?

Absolutely! Go ahead.


Q. Can I edit this texture pack?

For private use, sure. Please don't public upload/monetize/etc your edits.


Q. I don't have Optifine...

Download it here, or opt to use the downgraded non-optifine Lite version of Anemoia for 1.16


Q. Some of the biome colors are a little different between 1.17 and 1.19?

There's two reasons for this.

  1. Minecraft version 1.18 renumbered most internal biome IDs, which are used by Optifine to figure out what color to use from my custom colormaps when rendering stuff like grass or leaves. To put it simply: imagine you sorted skittles by color into bowls and then all the bowls got thrown on the ground. Then someone asks you to re-sort the skittles into a smaller number of bowls than there were before.
  2. I did some small aesthetic tweaks to a few biomes just because the biome ID renumbering had me redoing a bunch of stuff anyway. Plus, a lot of transitional biomes like Jungle Edge were removed or integrated into other biomes in a way that no longer allows for them to have custom coloring.


Q. I found something blatantly miscolored in 1.19/a biome that had special grass in earlier versions special grass has normal grass instead in 1.19/etc!

 I haven't had time to personally test 1.19 as extensively as I'd have liked to and it's possible there's some small errors here and there with my new biome maps. If you've played previous versions and find something blatantly out of place (example: a biome with a brown sky or red water), or using normal textures when you know it should use special textures (example: a biome like swamp/desert/taiga/etc using the standard plains grass sideblock texture), let me know in the comments so I can patch the issue.


Q. A new 1.19 block/entity/effect is using an unedited default texture!

If that's the case then oops, I missed something! Let me know what I missed in the comments.