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Alacrity [1.20 update part 1]



With this resource pack I tried to bring every block, every 3D model, every item to perfection.

Lots of custom models, incredible vegetation and the atmosphere of magic and castles.

Support me on Boosty: https://boosty.to/alacrity


Video showcase by iambeen 





- Mobs textures from EpicAdventures resource pack: www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/epic-adventures-by-toby109tt-x32/ (Thanks to Toby109tt for letting me use his textures until I make my own)
- Some of the paintings are based on the work of VladimirVood: https://www.artstation.com/voodarius
 (Thanks to Vladimir for permission to use his awesome work)


Terms of use
You can, using my resource pack:
- Enjoy it.
- Record videos, take pictures with your friends, and upload them to any resource you like (it's a good idea to leave a link to the source)

You can't:
- Re-hosting this resource pack to any other websites (it's ok if you place a link to my official download sources)
- Use any part of this resource pack in other projects
If in doubt, you can always reach me on Discord