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Welcome to my page on Curseforge. Was about time i put it up here.

My shaders aim to give players a more colourful, vibrant and alive feeling.

I have aimed for brighter colours and a warm look.


Here is a list of some of the effects  my shaders can offer:


- Better clouds

- Better rain

- Better light

- Better night

- Better sunrise and sunset

- Motion blur

- Depth of field

- Volumetric light

- Better rain

- Better underwater visuals

- Underwater caustics and shadows

- Coloured glass

- Surface caustics

- Better shadows

- Bloom

- Celshading

- Water reflection

- Water waves

- Waving plants

- Celshading

- Water texture

- Lensflare

- Better stars

- Better moon

- Better sun






You're allowed to...

  • Use this shaderpack for taking screenshots and videos.
  • Modify the shaderpack for personal use.
  • Redistribute the shaderpack for modpack / server with my permission.


You're not allowed to...

  • Redistribute the shaderpack without my permission.
  • Claim (and rename) the shaderpack (or its code) as your own.
  • Use monetized URL shorteners to my site or files.


-Visit my Website Here-


Screenshots are here: