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What is Spooklementary?

  • Spooklementary, by SpacEagle17, is an edit of EminGT's Complementary Shaders.
  • It is a horror-themed shaderpack that transforms your game into a moody and spooky experience.
  • Perfect for Halloween or scary maps! Click "Gallery" at the top of the page to see screenshots.

Important notice: Please don't report any bugs while using this add-on to Emin, but to me instead on Discord.



  • SpacEagle17's Discord Server for discussion, questions, suggestions...
  • Follow SpacEagle17 on Twitter/X to get news about the shaderpack


  • The whole look of the shaderpack got changed, things are much more desaturated and moody.
  • Blocklight flickers.
  • Eyes randomly appear in dark places. Sometimes they are red.
  • Very rarely strange things can happen such as leaves disappearing (happens VERY rarely).
  • Emissives can flicker from time to time.
  • Lightning bolts light up the surroundings and also the clouds.
  • Lava is more detailed.
  • Jack O' Lanterns have a custom flicker animation
  • There is a lot more fog.
  • Things are much darker. Caves now have a darkness fade.
  • Full moons are blood moons.
  • Chromatic Aberration increases the longer you are in darkness, right before the cave sounds play one might notice some static noise.
  • It no longer rains if above clouds.
  • The screen can very rarely shake.
  • Red flowers are emissive during the blood moon.