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This pack is officially discontinued. Please see my other shaderpacks for updated alternatives. The closest spiritual successor is UShader (


Some of you might remember this:

I abandoned it back then because I needed a break from shaders and moved on to other things.

Now I’ve been back in shader development for a few months now and I felt like I should go back to this shader.

Obviously I have to rebuild it from the ground up since I no longer require the use of Chocapics Code as a base, but instead my very own framework which is built with flexibility in mind.


So stay tuned for some updates and new visuals!


Where can I download it?

Either here or via my website (link below).


Any Requirements?

Optifine for 1.12 or newer

A nVidia or AMD graphics card supporting OpenGL 4.0

Windows or Linux


External Links:

The Offical Website of this Project: Link

The Discord Server: Link

The Shaderlabs Discord: Link