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The goal of this shaderpack is to have the core features of a shaderpack while maintaining extremely high framerates.

For example on the Toaster Preset at 8 render distance, a RX 480 is completely CPU-limited at around 300-400fps with a Ryzen 7, it can also run at around 50-60fps on an integrated Intel HD620. 

Furthermore, because it relies on a simplified forward shading pipeline, it has better mod compatibility than my "classic" fancy shaderpack and less issues overall.


Features :

  • Shadows
  • Dynamic Time of Day
  • Custom sky gradient
  • Sun/moon glow
  • Customized nether and end


At the moment only the lowest quality preset is available but other ones will follow soon !


Installation :
- Download and install the latest Optifine for your minecraft version
- Download the shaderpack
- Launch Minecraft
- Open Options, Video Settings, Shaders, Shaderpack Folder
- Put the shaderpack (zipped file) inside .minecraft\shaderpacks
- Select the shader in the shader list


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- If you want to support me making this shader (and can afford it) you can do a small donation which is always highly appreciated ! :)
- There's no super fancy "premium only" raytraced stuff planned for the future because i want this shader to be available to everyone, you don't earn anything by donating