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About the shader

I liked chocapic13's v9, but i could not be satisfied. I went from changing shader settings to adding shader settings. Eventually i decided i wanted to try and bring out my own visual taste in the shader. So here i am, with a pretty sizeable edit of chocapic13's shaders.


  • AMD graphics card
  • Nvidia graphics card
  • Apple Devices or Intel Integrated Graphics are low priority. USE IRIS FOR BEST RESULTS
  • Optifine or Iris. Oculus might work but i will not give it attention.
  • Designed for Minecraft versions 1.16.5 +
  • Mod support is not going to happen unless i need to make minimal changes for it to work.

Some Features

  • A dynamic sky that changes every day, from cloudy days to sunny days, misty days and clear days
  • Biome specific environments, where fog has its own color and density in biomes like swamps and jungles
  • Typical shader effects like SSAO, Bloom, Screenspace Reflections, POM, normal shading
  • LabPBR support for Speculars (f0 and roughness), Emissives, Subsurface Scattering, Porosity, POM, and Normals
  • Lots of settings for control over sunlight, ambient light, and fog shapes/colors, and clouds
  • A very unique end shader i am very proud of, with a glorious dragon battle scene for you, and lightning flashing when exploring the end islands
  • An unobtrusive nether shader, that still manages to look good and simple at the same time
  • Temporal upscaling for all your performance needs

Questions? Bugs? Want to test In-development versions?

This shader is an edit of Chocapic13's V9 medium, and uses code from other Chocapic13 v9 versions. The original shader can be found here