Young Titans

348 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 11, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1

"I've always wanted more mobs, more construction options, structures and to feel less stressed with some minor inconveniences I encountered along the way. So I made this Modpack to fix all this!"

IRIS Shaders + Complementary Shader included!


🐺 More Biodiversity

More birds, sea animals, butterflies, enranging boars, squirrels, bears, badgers, deers, large snails that you can ride and much more.

☠️ Deadly Challenges

More than 25 bosses to battle. They will drop rare loots, such as weapons, armors or even become your own mount.

🧱 When building the limit is your imagination

With tons of new blocks you will be able to make your dream base, houses or whatever beautiful creation you have in mind.

☀️ Stressfree

Because somethings are not that fun, like loosing all your specials items for a single mistake; Not being able to rebind a key; Or loosing yourself in the forest. We've got you covered!

🚀 Ultra Fast!!

A lot of optimizations for you to have that buttery smooth experience and not miss a single swipe of your sword and dodge all the skeletons arrows – Matrix style.

🗺️ Uncover New Mysteries and Achieve Much More

Which a bunch of new structures and places to go, you will have a lot to uncover. You can be generously rewarded or end up having to fight for survival.


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