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Filename Yeehaw Shenanigans
Uploaded by ElvenChaos
Uploaded Jan 10, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 1.12 MB
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MD5 512c5fef9a0f9946e016a4d6a77381c7


v0.5.1 Hotfix
Remove Shrinking Button, Caused Server-Side Crash. Will re-add if fixed.



Several mod updates, notably as follows:
•Nature's Compass (crash is fixed).
•Keyboard Wizard (new mod categories feature).
•Corpse Complex (enderio and toolbelts compatibilities).
•JourneyMap (weird sync stuff should be fixed).
•Unlimited Chisel Works (Thaumcraft woods are now supported).

Several mod additions, as follows:
•Storage Drawers (with Storage Drawers Unlimited, Compact Drawers, and the Chameleon library, decorative storage mod).
•EnderCompass (Compass that allows you to find strongholds).
•End Portal Recipe (Creates craftable and minable end portal frame blocks).
•Simple Auto-Run (Adds an auto-run keybind).
•Thaumic Grid RS (Adds a Refined Storage grid for thaumcraft's arcane workbench).
•Chest Transporter (Adds items that allow you to pick up and move chests).
•Resizing Potion and Shrinking Button (Potions lets you grow and shrink, button lets you toggle shrinking at any time).
•Morph-O-Tool (Adds a tool that can contain all of your wrenches for your machines of various mods).

Quests for applicable new mods will be added in a future update.
Added resource pack for more JourneyMap mob icons. To see these, you need a map with "Mob Display" setting set to either "Small Icons" or "Large Icons."
Removed PlusTiC's Invar from the oredict and hid it from JEI in favor of Thermal's Invar.
Removed leisure functionality from Comfort's hammocks. Should fix issues preventing using the hammock to advance day to night.
Energy Drain of items (that have energy) on player death is back, and is now 20% instead of 30%.
Tool Belts, when equipped in the special tool belt slot, will no longer drop on death. You can now use this slot for your toolbelts instead of your bauble slot!
Fixed TCon Drying Rack Jerky Recipes.
Enabled Heatscar spiders from Natura -- gives access to the Flamestring resource.
Removed Sophisticated Wolves's Dog Tag item and changed the corresponding quest to the Whistle.
Fixed Natural Pledge Arrow of Ascension recipes.
Split Natural Pledge aquamarine and awakened aquamarine from Astral Sorcery aquamarine. Each mod now only uses its own aquamarine for its own recipes.
Fixed and broadened some Natural Pledge advancements through the use of BetterQuesting.
Toggled Comfort's Leisure Hammock setting to false, meaning the hammock can only be used for day and night sleeping instead of sitting now. This should fix issues with hammock use.
Increased the Astral Sorcery level-cap to 75, and increased base astral xp gain to a factor of 2.5 from 1.
Increased the rates that mobs, and particularly modded mobs, spawn.
Enabled an optimization (optimizedBlockPos) in FoamFix.
Disabled chat changes from FtBUtilities in favor of adding color chat in a server-sided mod.
Changed some default keybinds as follows (your options file should reset to default for this patch, you may want to make changes):
•Auto-Run is [N] (You can auto-sprint by tapping [Ctrl] after activating auto-run).
•JEI Show Uses is now [Shift]+[R].
•Middle Click no longer auto-sorts by default, use [X] (This allows middle-click functionality inside of Refined Storage inventories).
By default, Mipmap is now set to 0. If you have a strong computer, consider setting this back to 4.


Server Changes:

Addition of mod "Save My Stronghold," which will protect YUNG's Caves from eating strongholds that have not yet generated.
Removal of SpongeForge. Caused issues with BetterQuesting craft detection as well as a few sporadic issues with other mods.
Addition of mod "GottaGoFast," which takes over functionality of removing "Player moved too fast" scenarios in place of Sponge.
Addition of ColorChat to allow a command to change name color.


Known Issues:

FutureMC has many wonky and buggy elements. The mod is currently being rewritten by the author.
BetterQuesting choice rewards currently don't update the preview on mouse-click, but you can still select and claim your reward.
Issues with the satchel questline, still completable.

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