We are the Dwellers

This modpack combines most of the existing cave dweller mods, each adding their own vision of the cave dweller, combining all visions/representations of the cave dweller into one place.

You ever played any of the cave dweller mods? If so, this is the perfect mod to find all of them in the same world, but be careful, as this may drastically increase the difficulty!


Dwellers Included in this pack:

Better Cave Dweller

Cave Dweller Evolved

Cave Dweller Reimagined

Player Dweller

The Corpse Stalker

The Damaged Dweller

The Demonic Watcher

The Man From The Fog

The Man From BEYOND The Fog


Other mods have been included in this pack as well, to improve the overall gameplay experience, such as: "Twigs", and "Comforts" (and more!)

Some mods have not been included in this description as to not spoil the whole game, but you can still view all of the mods after you download the pack and click "Mods".

Anyways, enough yappin, get to playin!