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 Theme : Zombie

In this modpack You need to survive a world full of zombie they get smarter and stronger every night. You need to craft some gun , turret and vehicle for survive in this world.

you have the choise of your life found a village and portect them for good trade and survival or build a base and try to survive.
You will need to find food and also need to find water for drink

but be careful the night and in cave you will see nothing, you can put torch or you can craft or found a flashlight for better light

Evoid as much as you can the horde you can bleed or whorst get infected, you will need to find a cure but its very rare.

Most of the word are in ashes but you can find some biome intact but be careful in the biome ashes stonger zombie live here if you are not well equipped you will die.

Good luck survivor i hope you will survive 1000 days at least ;) .

Feature :
-Several type of zombie
-Bleeding and infection system
-Many weapons and vehicles
-Difficulty encrease every night

This modpack is still on (Work in progresse)

You can still test it

RAM needs 6.

Any idea or bug Feel free to say in the comment

(Any mod in this modpack are not mine all the copyright remain to the original creator)