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Vanilla Paradise is a vanilla+ modpack designed for everyone who does not want to get overwhelmed by too many confusing mods.
The modpack contains many improvements to Minecraft, without losing the vanilla feel.


Some features of the modpack:




Vanilla Tweaks: https://vanillatweaks.net/

Custom Assets: LarsMans

Playtesting: BTmine3

Abnormals Delight by TeamAbnormals
Abundance by team_aurora_modding
Additional Banners by DarkhaxDev
AI Improvements by QueenOfMissiles
AmbientSounds 5 by CreativeMD
Anvil Tweaks by tfarecnim
AppleSkin by squeek502
Architectury API (Fabric/Forge) by shedaniel
Armor Poser by Mrbysco
Atmospheric by TeamAbnormals
AttributeFix by DarkhaxDev
AutoRegLib by Vazkii
Autumnity by TeamAbnormals
Babel by thenatekirby (removed in 1.1)
Bamboo Blocks by TeamAbnormals
Bayou Blues by team_aurora_modding
Bedspreads (Forge) by TheIllusiveC4
Berry Good by TeamAbnormals
Better Advancements by way2muchnoise
Better Badlands by team_aurora_modding
Better Burning by DarkhaxDev
Better Compatibility Checker by Gaz_
Better Drowning by DarkhaxDev
Better Spawner Control (Forge) by Serilum
Blueprint by TeamAbnormals
Boatload by TeamAbnormals
Bones by ochotonida
Bookshelf by DarkhaxDev
Buzzier Bees by TeamAbnormals
Caelus API (Forge) by TheIllusiveC4
Camp Chair by dmitrylovin
Cauldron Recipes by DarkhaxDev
Charm of Undying (Forge) by TheIllusiveC4
Charm Reforged by svenhjol
Chisel by tterrag1098
Chocolate Fix by AlcatrazEscapee
Chunk-Pregenerator by Speiger
Clickable advancements[Forge/Fabric] by someaddon
Cloth Config API (Fabric/Forge) by shedaniel
Clumps by Jaredlll08
Collective (Forge) by Serilum
Configured by MrCrayfish
ConnectedTexturesMod by tterrag1098
Connectivity by someaddon
Controlling by Jaredlll08
Corpse by henkelmax
Cosmetic Armor Reworked by LainMI
Crafting Tweaks by BlayTheNinth
Create by simibubi
Create Deco by talrey
Create Plus by Robocraft999
CreativeCore by CreativeMD
Curios API (Forge) by TheIllusiveC4
Curious Elytra (Forge) by TheIllusiveC4
Customizable Elytra by Hidoni
Decorative Blocks by stohun
Decorative Blocks modded compat by Evo_934
Decorative Winter by lilypuree
Default Options by BlayTheNinth
Drink Beer (Forge) by Lekavar
Dynamic Surroundings by OreCruncher
Enchanted Book Redesign by tfarecnim
Enchantment Descriptions by DarkhaxDev
Enhanced Mushrooms by team_aurora_modding
Environmental by TeamAbnormals
Etched by moonflowerteam
Fairy Lights by pau101
Farmer's Delight by vectorwing
Farmer's Delight Compats by burritoeatinghamster
Farmer's Delight Integration by iku_tv
Farmer's Tea by burritoeatinghamster
Fast Furnace minus Replacement by tfarecnim
Fast Leaf Decay by olafskiii
FastWorkbench Minus Replacement by tfarecnim
FerriteCore (Forge) by malte0811
Flywheel by jozufozu
FPS Reducer by bre2el
Fruitful by team_aurora_modding
FTB Library (Forge) by FTB
FTB Quests (Forge) by FTB
FTB Teams (Forge) by FTB
Hwyla by TehNut (removed in 1.2)
Immersive Cooking by CrimsonDragonRider
Improved Backpacks by DreenDexTwitch
Infinity Buttons by larsmans64
Item Filters by LatvianModder
Jade 🔍 by Snownee_
JEI Integration by SnowShock35
Just Enough Advancements (JEA) by MelanX
Just Enough Beacons by tfarecnim
Just Enough Effect Descriptions (JEED) by MehVahdJukaar
Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz
Just Enough Keg by marblegatekeeper
Just Enough Piglin Bartering by thenatekirby (removed in 1.1)
Kiwi 🥝 (Forge) by Snownee_
KubeJS by LatvianModder
KubeJS Create by LatvianModder
Lazy DataFixerUpper(LazyDFU) [FORGE] by Corgi_Taco
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by ohaiiChun
LibX by noeppinoeppi
Lootr (Forge) by Noobanidus
Macaw's Bridges by sketch_macaw
Macaw's Bridges - Abnormals by Samlegamer_
Macaw's Bridges - Atmospheric by Samlegamer_ (removed in 1.2)
Macaw's Bridges - Aurora by Samlegamer_
Macaw's Bridges - Autumnity by Samlegamer_ (removed in 1.2)
Macaw's Bridges - Bayou Blues by Samlegamer_ (removed in 1.3)
Macaw's Bridges - Buzzier Bees by Samlegamer_ (removed in 1.2)
Macaw's Bridges - Enhanced Mushrooms by Samlegamer_ (removed in 1.3)
Macaw's Bridges - Environmental by Samlegamer_ (removed in 1.2)
Macaw's Doors by sketch_macaw
Macaw's Fences and Walls by sketch_macaw
Macaw's Trapdoors by sketch_macaw
Macaw's Windows by sketch_macaw
More Create Stuffs by JerryLu086
More Villagers by SameDifferent
Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR
My Server Is Compatible by Focamacho (removed in 1.3)
Neapolitan by TeamAbnormals
Nether's Delight by lumpazl
NetherPortalFix by BlayTheNinth
No Lakes in Forge by shwible_gaming
Open Loader by DarkhaxDev
Our Villager Discounts by Gremlite
PackMenu by Shadows_of_Fire
Paintings ++ by AbsolemJackdaw
Peculiars by catscythee
Performant by someaddon
Personality by TeamAbnormals
Placebo by Shadows_of_Fire
Pollen by moonflowerteam
Polymorph (Forge) by TheIllusiveC4
Quark by Vazkii
RandomPatches (Forge) by TheRandomLabs
ReAuth by TechnicianLP
Reload Audio Driver (RAD) [Forge] by CJMinecraft01
Repurposed Structures (Forge) by telepathicgrunt
Rhino by LatvianModder
Savage & Ravage by TeamAbnormals
Save My Stronghold! (Forge) by YUNGNICKYOUNG
Seasonals by catscythee
Selene Lib by MehVahdJukaar
Server Tab Info by black_dog20
Shulker Enchantments (Forge) by Ephys
Shutup Experimental Settings! by Corgi_Taco
Simple Discord RPC [Forge/Fabric/Quilt] by hypherionsa
Simply Tea! by EpicSquid315
Skin Layers 3D (Fabric/Forge) by tr9zw
Smarter Farmers (farmers replant) by MehVahdJukaar
Snow! Real Magic! ⛄ (Forge) by Snownee_
spark by lucko
Straw Golem Rebaled - Forge by CommodoreThrawn
Stronger Snowballs by DarkhaxDev
Supplementaries by MehVahdJukaar
The Endergetic Expansion by TeamAbnormals
Tidbits - Villagers, Discs, and More! by BlueDuckYT
Torch Slabs Mod by EndlesNights
Trample No More by DarkhaxDev
Upgrade Aquatic by TeamAbnormals
Valhelsia Core by ValhelsiaTeam
Valhelsia Structures by ValhelsiaTeam
Void Totem (Forge) by Affehund
Voyage by Lykrast
Waddles by Girafi
Waila Harvestability by squeek502 (removed in 1.2)
Wawla - What Are We Looking At by DarkhaxDev (removed in 1.2)
Xaero's Minimap by xaero96
Xaero's World Map by xaero96
YUNG's Better Caves (Forge) by YUNGNICKYOUNG
YUNG's Better Dungeons (Forge) by YUNGNICKYOUNG
YUNG's Better Mineshafts (Forge) by YUNGNICKYOUNG
YUNG's Better Strongholds (Forge) by YUNGNICKYOUNG
YUNG's Bridges (Forge) by YUNGNICKYOUNG
YUNG's Extras (Forge) by YUNGNICKYOUNG

If you want to message me about the modpack just send me a private message :)