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A Small mix of mods for the official UraidLAN Minecraft Server


This is a small pack (80~ Mods) containing mostly Tech-Based mods (Such as Thermal Expansion & EnderIO) with a few Magic & Decoration mods mixed in (Thaumcraft & Decocraft)

The other smaller modpacks are meant to help smooth out the experience with mods such as Quark and Extra Utilities

The included mods are mostly based around community building, trading and decoration!



- There is a public server available to join, which will be included in the modpack upon download

- No Questing system is included so users are free to go down any mod path they wish

- A few large mods such as EnderIO, Thaumcraft, Botania, Thermal Expansion and Refined Storage are included for almost any type of player (tech or magic inclined)

- Most of the Mods that contain Extra Dimensions (Aside from Aromas Mining Dimension) have been left out of this pack to reduce server load


After initial release this modpack is planned to be updated as users request changes and modifications


Some mods have been deemed un-necessary as the official server has plugins that deem them redundant

If anyone has any issues with the pack there is a link to our issue tracker on github attached to this project



* A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is recommended for clients as well as servers for best performance

* Latest version of JAVA 8 is recommended