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Welcome to the modpack that will give you free reign over the power of modded Minecraft for 1.11.2


DISCLAIMER: This pack is currently in Alpha. It is under active development and testing by developers and trusted friends. The server will be whitelisted during the Alpha testing phase.


Don't forget to leave your feedback: Questions, Suggestions, Bugs, Etc. via Curse or Github! We value your input.


Uprising is a modpack designed for Rebelcraft.net by its staff with input from members of the server community. Uprising is being actively built and updated as mods mature for 1.11.2. Interested in playing new mods not available for older versions of Minecraft? Want to test out the new mechanics in mods revamped in 1.8+? Then you've gotta try Uprising! Download now to join the official test server included in the modpack download.


Uprising Development Goals


  • Provide a consistent well configured modpack
    • Recipes
    • RF/Tesla Balance
  • Include must have mods as well as a good variety of additional mods while maintaining pack performance
  • Maintain compatibility with Sponge keeping it server-friendly.
  • Upon reaching a stable build, develop a challenge mode with custom recipes & progression
  • Craft "uncraftable" creative items:
    • Creative Power Cell (RFTools)
    • The Everlasting Guilty Pool (Botania)
    • Creative Controller (Refined Storage)
    • Creative Storage Block (Refined Storage)
    • Creative Storage Disk (Refined Storage)
    • Creative Storage Upgrade (Storage Drawers)
    • Creative Modifier (Tinkers' Construct)
    • Plus more as we update!


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