Ultimate Alchemy

70,292 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

- Update half the mods to newer versions
- Replaced mod "Inventory Tweaks" with mod "Inventory Sorter"
- Replacement recipes for Refined Storage have been tweaked to reflect changes in underlying mod

- Add alternative recipes for chaotic core and chaotic infuser that hopefully removes late-game energy grind
- Add recipe for 'unbreakable' graphite electrode

- Add recipe for TCon slime sapling
- Add botania conjuration recipe for doubling spider eyes
- Add description for getting end stone
- Fix incorrect percentages for secondary outputs in crushers
- TNT crusher recipe now gives a 10% chance for 'Drops of evil'
- IE and XU2 crushers do not have TNT crusher recipe (for technical reasons I need to fix)
- Change recipe for copy-paste gadget to not conflict with exchanging gadget
- Remove niter from x4 phyto-gro recipes
- Thaumcraft nether star alchemy recipe gives multiple nether stars