TXSN's Modpack

176 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 28, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

(TXSN's Modpack is made mainly for the TXSN community)



TXSN's Modpack has many great mods like Botania, IC2 Classic, AE2 but also food mods like Pam's Harvest Craft, Cooking for Blockheads where you can make your own kitchen and make many many foods which you will have to do because of the Spice of Life mod. Botania brings mana and more bosses to fight into the world, IC2 Classic is nostalgic for some people and a great mod. You can make your own tools with Tinker's construct and make beautiful structures with the help of Chisel and make it easier to build with Better Builder's Wands. If you like bees and nature then you will be interested in the Forestry mod which adds bees and many more nature stuff. But if you are more of a Tech person then you will like many great mods like Thermal Dynamics, Computercraft the previously mentioned IC2 Classic and Immersive Engineering which is one of my favorite mods. Then there are more mystical mods like Thaumcraft and The Twilight forest.

There are a lot of great mods in this modpack that you will definitely like!



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