TwinScythe Kingdoms

127 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 13, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod pack is very small and light weight and was created for a group of streamers. The mod pack focuses around minecolonies which allows players to build npc colonies that end up working for you making the game more into a real time strategy type game play. The mod pack also include voice chat, draw bridges, and some new mobs based off dungeons and dragon's creatures.There is also a way to marry villagers from the default minecraft villages (not the colonies you make) or other players and have npc children with them. Once you get the enchantment table plus you can pick and choose your enchantments on items. The best thing about this pack is no more floating trees and no it doesn't have some type of instant mine tree mod, the trees fall over and lay on the ground making them easier to break as well as the leaves can be passed threw. Twitch Spawn is also included in the pack, which allows stream events (follows, bits, donations,host,raids) to cause effects to the world such as spawn mobs / items / run commands.


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