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TSCPals is a server pack designed for spending time on our SMP server in a modded environment centered around Cobblemon, with a focus on exploration and training your team. Whether you're building with assortments of decorative blocks, catching new mons, or simply embarking on dungeon crawls around the map, there's something for everyone—from experienced modded players to newcomers taking their first steps. We welcome anyone to join and hang out with our ever-growing community as we continue to expand this modpack.



- Our SMP network is designed with PVE, meaning no griefing the map (accidents can happen, and we understand that), but please refrain from digitally mining someone's base just for laughs.



- As time goes on we plan to add in quests to help new players learn some of the basic mods like "Getting started with Cobblemon" if you have suggestions for quests or want to help build them join us on discord.