Traveller of Choices

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WARNING: This is something I just found out (11.15.18), but backup and delete the save file. Every new update comes with the latest save file, which is really the only thing that changes. This new save file can conflict with the previous versions and sometimes it will throw up the Minecraft realms error, even though realms is not being used.


This is a large mini-game/campaign that a few others and myself are working on. The idea of it is that your character dies and is sent to an alternate reality where there is a being that comes once every few thousand years. Your goal will be whatever you want it to. You could be a farmer, a miner, a King/Queen, a jarl, etc. Pretty much anything you want to be. This project is only experimental and will rely heavily on the custom NPCs mod to work properly. There will be thousands of hours worth of text that you could read through. From fully detailed books to NPCs that seem to talk forever. The map will have quite a few nations and they'll have unique capitals, cities, and dialect. The farther you get from main cities the more southern/country NPCs will sound. Most of the updates for this mod will be world updates, they'll start coming very slow at first. But as my team and I make progress we'll start uploading more and more.


This project will easily be one of the biggest ever created in Minecraft, making use of somewhere between 35% and 65% of the world. Feel free to donate whatever you can or want to. My goal is to eventually turn this from a Minecraft mini-game into a fully separate game


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