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MC Vanilla 2.0


This modpack aims to improve the "vanilla" experience of Minecraft, as if it were a second version of the game. Of course, always being faithful to the features of the default version, and trying to get the best gaming experience possible.

To do this, a lot of realistic mods have been incorporated, as well as some others that expand other branches of the games, such as biomes. If you like Minecraft, and you want to play a game with mods, but don't change the game completely, this modpack is ideal for you.

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This modpack has been created for all those Minecraft lovers, who don't want to break the "vanilla" game experience by adding meaningless mods. Only certain mods have been added that do not break the experience and gameplay that we are used to in the normal version at all.

How do I install the modpack manually (without the Curseforge app)?

The first thing is to download Forge, the recommended version for each update is in the description of the respective download. Usually installing the latest is enough.

The downloaded files must be placed inside the ".minecraft", that is, in the game directory. Just copy and paste.

As for the Minecraft launcher, the normal parameters of the Forge version are not enough, it is essential to increase the RAM allocated to the game. For it:
1) Click on facilities.
2) Put the cursor over the Forge version and click on the three final dots, then on edit.
3) Click on "More options", and in the "JVM arguments", change the first number, which is the gigabytes allocated. At least we recommend 4GB.

Comments have been disabled to prevent spam. If you have any problem with the modpack, send me a private message indicating the following information:
- Modpack name
- Modpack version
- Forge/Fabric version