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A 1.12.2 pack with a focus on player progression, exploration, and adventure


Key Features:

  • 3 new final bosses, one for each dimension, which serve as the final goal of the pack (Lycanites Mobs)
  • Project E: EMC; New weapons, armor, and tools
  • Over 100 new mobs, procedurally generated dungeons, pets/summons, new weapons, and more (Lycanites Mobs)
  • 80+ New biomes, as well as many new blocks and materials (Biomes O' Plenty)
  • Many new varied pieces of equipment via Baubles
  • A reworked hunger system that aims to be a combination of the Beta 1.7.3 and modern hunger systems (Sauce's Hunger Rework)
  • Quests to track and guide your progression through the pack (Better Questing)
  • Many convenience, optimization, and QOL mods, such as JourneyMap, Waystones, and Idō
  • Many smaller content mods that add new items, utilites, equipment, and structures
  • Custom recipes and EMC values


Full mod list (66 mods):


Included Resources:


Note: This pack is a rebrand of a pack that used to be hosted on Modrinth called "Odyssey". It has since been moved to CurseForge due to issues with the distribution policy of the Biomes o' Plenty mod. The name was changed due to an existing pack on CurseForge sharing that name.