The Yeti Pack

477 Downloads Last Updated: May 17, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

YetiWhiskers is a friendly, chilled out kind of Streamer and his community are amazing. When they asked for a mod-pack to play together, I was happy to help.

The Yeti Pack was designed to run on a server and provide many different options for players to follow.

You could be a Blacksmith and focus on epic tool crafting, a Magician working with nature to gain power, an explorer travelling to distant lands and discovering new treasures or a builder, creating a home with defences, resource farms and automatic pizza makers.


The Pack tries to encompass a wide range of different play-styles and allows for players that love to explore or players that love to stay at home.

Some of the mods that you can follow through include:

  • Applied Energistics and Refined Storage for keeping everything tidy.
  • Varied Tools and Weapons. Calculator, Tinkers, Silent Gems and more.
  • Use the magic of Botania or the technology of Thermal Foundation to automate and innovate everything you need.
  • Grow all your resources with Mystical Agriculture (Now includes Tier 6 seeds)
  • Build your ideal home with Missing Pieces, Chisel (and Bits), Rustic and more
  • If you’re feeling lazy, why not summon a MeeCreeps or two to help you out?
  • Dozens of QoL mods to help keep organised, streamline the game and customise everything to the way you want to play.


Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Mod Count: 117

Recommended RAM allocation: 4gb-6gb

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Getting Started with the Pack


Every one of my packs (that is optimised) has Server Files available to download.

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If running a server is something you are unsure of then I have you covered.

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