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The Vanilla Experience is a light custom-coded modpack which is interchangeable with the vanilla game. Existing save files can be used and will continue to work when all mods have been removed. Containing mostly minor and some major tweaks, while staying true to the vanilla game experience.

Tested with 3GB's of allocated RAM, which works without problems. Minimum of 3GB and a maximum of 8GB recommended.
The modpack contains 119 of Serilum's mods and the library Collective. The entire list can be found at the bottom of the page, feel free to pick and choose to supplement your current packs.

A server can be created by just copying all mods into the server mods folder. Client-side-only mods will be disabled on launch without errors. There are also server files and steps inside how-to-install-server.txt available.

onetwothreeareasfourfivetree harvesterportals


Full feature list

    ◉     Advancement Screenshot: Takes a screenshot when an advancement is achieved.
    ◉     All Loot Drops
: Entities will always drop all possible loot from their loottable.
    ◉     Always a Wither Skull
: Wither skeletons will always drop their skull.
    ◉     Anvil Restoration: Be able to repair anvils by right-clicking iron on them, and damage them with obsidian.
    ◉     Areas: Named areas can be created by using signs. A GUI message will be sent to the player whenever they enter the area's specified radius. The mod page shows how.
    ◉     Automatic Doors
: Doors around the player will automatically be opened.
    ◉     Beatified Chat Server: The server modifies player chat to be more easily readable, and adds a timestamp from when a message was sent.
    ◉     Better Beacon Placement
: You can easily place beacon bases by (shift) crouch+right-clicking the beacon with mineral blocks in hand.
    ◉     Better Conduit Placement
: Same as above, but for conduits and prismarine blocks.
    ◉     Better Spawner Control
: Placing 5 torches around a mob spawner will prevent mobs spawning from it.
    ◉     Bigger Sponge Absorption Radius: Placing extra sponge blocks next to one another increases the water absorption radius.
    ◉     Bottle Your Xp
: Bottles o' enchanting can be created from a player's xp by crouch+right-clicking an empty bottle.
    ◉     Bottled Air: Empty glass bottles can be used for more oxygen underwater. Hold a fire-type block such as a lava bucket to evaporate the water during this process.
    ◉     Bouncier Beds: Beds are more bouncy and launch you up in the air!
    ◉     Breedable Killer Rabbit
: The Killer Rabbit has a chance of being born from two normal rabbits and can be tamed with a golden carrot.
    ◉     Campfire Spawn and Tweaks: Allows players to set their respawn point inside a campfire, and spawn with fire resistance.
    ◉     Collective
: A library mod with common code for all the other mods listed here.
    ◉     Compact Help Command: The /help command has its design changed. Better readability.
    ◉     Conduits Prevent Drowned
: The conduit effect disables drowned spawns around the player.
    ◉     Configurable Despawn Timer
: Items will remain on the ground for 10 minutes instead of the default 5 minutes.
    ◉     Creative Block Replacer
: [Admin] Sneaking three times in a row in the same position in creative mode will enable replacing block mode.
    ◉     Crying Ghasts
: Ghasts will drop their tears periodically when a player is close, allowing players to farm them sustainably.
    ◉     Crying Portals: You can now use crying obsidian to build a nether portal, or combine it with normal obsidian.
    ◉     Cycle Paintings
: Right-clicking a placed painting with a painting in hand will cycle through its possible art.
    ◉     Death Backup: Automatically backs up player inventories before death, which can be loaded with /deathbackup and cheat-access.
    ◉     Despawning Eggs Hatch
: Eggs on the ground will automatically hatch just before they despawn, if less than 50 chickens are around.
    ◉     Dismount Entity
: Crouch+right-clicking a boat/minecart will dismount all entities in it.
    ◉     Double Doors
: Doors, fence gates and trapdoors placed next to each other will open simultaniously, both from click and redstone.
    ◉     Dragon Drops Elytra
: The Ender Dragon drops an elytra on death.
    ◉     Easy Elytra Takeoff
: You can easily take off with an elytra from the ground with a firework rocket without an awkward jump.
    ◉     Edibles
: Allows players to consume blaze powder, glowstone dust, magma cream. sugar, ghast tears, phantom membrane and rabbit's foot to receive a short potion effect.
    ◉     Enchanting Commands
: [Admin] The '/ec' command can be used to create items with enchantments above the default limit.
    ◉     End Portal Recipe
: The end portal is craftable, movable and available in survival. The mod page contains more information on the recipe and activation.
    ◉     Eroding Stone Entities: Leaving stone-type blocks in a flowing water stream for 2.5 minutes turns the blocks into sand.
    ◉     Extended Bone Meal
: Allows the use of bone meal on cacti, sugar cane and netherwart. Also crouch+right-click will grow them to full instantly.
    ◉     Extended Creative Inventory: Adds all items which by default aren't in the creative inventory to a custom tab.
    ◉     Extract Poison
: Poison can be extracted from cave spiders, pufferfish and bees by right-clicking them with an empty bottle.
    ◉     Fall Through Slime
: Slime blocks will no longer support the weight of a player when standing still, and they'll slowly fall through.
    ◉     Faster Crouching: Crouching does not make you slower anymore. You'll move at the same speed as walking.
    ◉     Fire Spread Tweaks: Fire spread is disabled and fires go out after a randomized amount of time. Netherrack, magma blocks and soul sand still burns forever.
    ◉     First Join Message: Sends a message to players whenever they join a world for the first time.
    ◉     Fish On The Line: When holding a bell in your left hand while fishing, it will ring when there is a nibble on your line.
    ◉     Fixed Anvil Repair Cost: Sets the default level cost, material cost and percentage repaired for items on an anvil.
    ◉     Followers Teleport Too: When being teleported, any pets that follow you get teleported as well.
    ◉     Furnace Recycle: All metal-containing items can be put in a furnace to receive some raw materials back.

    ◉     Giant Spawn
: Giants have a chance to spawn naturally instead of a zombie on the surface. They have a custom AI.
    ◉     Grass Seeds
: Normal (wheat) seeds can be used to transform dirt into grass blocks, and to place (tall) grass on top of grass blocks.
    ◉     GUI Clock, GUI Compass
: A GUI Clock and GUI Compass is visible on screen when having a clock/compass item in your inventory.
    ◉     GUI Followers: Shows a list of following tameable entities in the GUI.
    ◉     Grindstone Sharper Tools
: The grindstone can be used to sharpen tools temporarily in order to do more damage. This can be done by crouch+right-clicking a grindstone with a tool in hand.
    ◉     Hand Over Your Items: Crouch + Right-clicking a player in the world gives them the item in your hand. You no longer have to toss them on the floor to give to someone.
    ◉     Healing Campfire
: The campfire gives players and passive mobs the regeneration effect.
    ◉     Hide Hands
: When holding a totem of undying or torch in your offhand, they won't be rendered.
    ◉     Hoe Tweaks: Crouch right-click with a higher tier hoe than wood for increased tilling radius. Also harvest crop blocks (pumpkins/melons) faster with hoes. Un-till soil by right-clicking it again.
    ◉     Husk Spawn
: Husks can spawn naturally anywhere in the world in place of a zombie.
    ◉     Ice Prevents Crop Growth
: When an ice block is placed underneath a crop growing on soil, the crop will never mature to the next stage. Allows new design features.
    ◉     Infinite Trading
: Villager trades will never lock up, making them always available and allowing infinite trading.
    ◉     Inventory Totem
: The totem of undying works anywhere in the inventory, you no longer have to hold it.
    ◉     Just Mob Heads
: All mobs have a chance to drop their head on death.
    ◉     Keep My Soil Tilled: Harvesting pumpkin and melon blocks next to farmland will automatically till the soil underneath.
    ◉     Kelp Fertilizer
: Kelp works exactly like bone meal.
    ◉     Milk All The Mobs: Sheep, llamas, pigs, donkeys, horses and mules are able to produce a bucket of milk.
    ◉     Mineral Chance: Players have a 1/50 chance to find a random mineral when mining stone-type blocks in the overworld and nether.
    ◉     Mooshroom Spawn
: Mooshrooms can spawn naturally anywhere in the world in place of a cow.
    ◉     Mooshroom Tweaks
: Brown mooshrooms will spawn naturally alongside red mooshrooms in a mushroom biome.
    ◉     More Zombie Villagers
: Zombies have a 25% chance to spawn as the zombie villager variant.
    ◉     Move Boats, Move Minecarts
: Boats and minecarts can be moved without being broken by crouching and holding right-click on them. To release them, right-click again.
    ◉     Name Tag Tweaks
: Adds name tag crafting recipe, /nametag command, and named entities drop a nametag on death.
    ◉     Naturally Charged Creepers: Creepers have a 10% chance to spawn naturally charged.
    ◉     Nether Portal Spread
: Nether portals will spread nether blocks around the portal in the overworld. The effect can be stopped by placing at least four coal blocks within the radius.
    ◉     No Hostiles Around Campfire
: The campfire disables hostile mob spawns around.
    ◉     Nutritious Milk
: Milk has a nutritional value, filling up the food bar when consumed.
    ◉     Omega Mute
: Sounds can only play once every 5 seconds. Prevents sound spawn without losing immersion.
    ◉     Paper Books
: Books can be made from paper, by having 9 of them in a crafting grid.
    ◉     Passive Endermen
: Endermen won't break or place blocks, and will not attack when looked at.
    ◉     Passive Shield: The shield is hidden and provides protection passively when held idle in the offhand. When the shield is held in the main hand, it will also provide passive protection.
    ◉     Pet Names
: Baby tamable animals will receive a random name when they enter the world.
    ◉     Pumpkillager's Quest:
Follow the Pumpkillager questline at your own pace! Break some pumpkin blocks to get started.
    ◉     Quick Paths
: Paths can be made instantly by setting a start and end point, by using a shovel and crouch+right-clicking a block.
    ◉     Rain Be Gone Ritual: Allows players in survival mode to stop the rain, by placing at least 4 cauldrons around a log and setting the log on fire.
    ◉     Random Bone Meal Flowers
: Bone meal will produce random flowers, allowing all types to spawn anywhere.
    ◉     Random Sheep Colours: Gives new sheep spawns a random wool colour.
    ◉     Random Shulker Colours: Gives new shulker spawns a random shell colour.
    ◉     Random Village Names: Gives villages a random name based on a preset list, which is visible in the GUI via Areas.
    ◉     Realistic Bees: Makes bee behaviour more realistic.
    ◉     Recast: Automatically recasts the fishing rod line when an item is caught.
    ◉     Recipe Commands: Adds the /recipes (/rec for short) command which allows players to receive the pattern and ingredients needed for any item recipe in the game via the chat function.

    ◉     Replanting Crops
: Crops broken while not crouching and holding a hoe will automatically replant with the seed drops.
    ◉     Respawning Shulkers: Shulkers respawn after 60 seconds at their death location, which makes farming shulker shells sustainable.
    ◉     Scaffolding Drops Nearby
: When a scaffolding block is broken, all chained blocks that break too will be dropped at the position of the first block.
    ◉     Shulker Drops Two: Shulkers will drop two shells.
    ◉     Skeleton Horse Spawn
: Skeleton horses have a chance to spawn naturally with a skeleton riding it.
    ◉     Sleep Sooner
: Players will be able to sleep a little sooner, at sundown. (540 ticks/27 seconds earlier)
    ◉     Smaller Nether Portals
: Smaller nether portals can be created, specifically 1x2, 1x3 and 2x2.
    ◉     Snowballs Freeze Mobs
: Hitting an entity with a snowball will result in it being frozen.
    ◉     Softer Hay Bales
: Hay bales will negate fall damage entirely.
    ◉     Spiders Produce Webs
: Spiders will periodically produce a web when a player is close.
    ◉     Stack Refill: Automatically refills the player's hand when using the final item if a replacement exists.
    ◉     Starter Kit
: Gives players who join the world for the first time some basic items.
    ◉     Stray Spawn: Strays can spawn naturally anywhere in the world in place of a skeleton.
    ◉     Superflat World No Slimes
: Slimes won't spawn in a superflat world.

    ◉     Surface Mushrooms: Mushrooms can be placed in any light level.
    ◉     TNT Breaks Bedrock
: TNT can break bedrock, allowing easy access to the nether roof.
    ◉     Transcending Trident
: The riptide enchantment can be used while holding a bucket of water, and is more powerful.
    ◉     Tree Harvester
: Trees can be harvested instantly by crouching and breaking the bottom block of a tree with an axe.
    ◉     Underwater Enchanting
: The enchantment table can detect bookshelves underwater and enchant up to level 30.
    ◉     Vanilla Zoom
: Holding left-alt will temporarily give you a spyglass item, and allows you to see nearby things closer.
    ◉     Village Spawn Point: The spawn point of a new world will always be in the center of a village.
    ◉     Village Bell Recipe: Adds a recipe for the bell item. Top layer 3 logs, middle stone - gold block - stone, bottom stone - air - stone.
    ◉     Villager Death Messages
: When a villager passes away, it will broadcast an informational death message.
    ◉     Villager Names
: Villagers will have a random pre-defined name and their profession is visible on the trade screen.
    ◉     Weaker Spiderwebs
: Spiderwebs break when a player walks through.
    ◉     Wool Tweaks: Makes various changes to wool recipes. Convert all colours to string and re-dye any colour. Right-click wool, carpets and beds with a dye to recolour them in the world.
    ◉     Your Items Are Safe
: Player items are put in a chest and armor stand on death, preventing them from despawning. Make sure to have at least 5 logs or 19 planks in your inventory though!
    ◉     Zombie Horse Spawn: Zombie horses have a chance to spawn naturally with a zombie riding it.
    ◉     Zombie Proof Doors: Prevents zombies from targeting and breaking down doors.
    ◉     Zombie Villagers From Spawner
: Zombie spawners can spawn zombie villagers.


Mods included:

Advancement Screenshot
All Loot Drops

Always a Wither Skull
Anvil Restoration
Automatic Doors
Beautified Chat Server
Better Beacon Placement
Better Conduit Placement

Better Spawner Control
Bigger Sponge Absorption Radius

Bottle Your Xp
Bottled Air
Bouncier Beds

Breedable Killer Rabbit
Campfire Spawn and Tweaks
Compact Help Command
Conduits Prevent Drowned
Configurable Despawn Timer

Creative Block Replacer
Crying Ghasts
Crying Portals

Cycle Paintings
Death Backup
Despawning Eggs Hatch
Dismount Entity
Double Doors

Dragon Drops Elytra
Easy Elytra Takeoff

Enchanting Commands
End Portal Recipe
Eroding Stone Entities
Extended Bone Meal
Extended Creative Inventory

Extract Poison
Fall Through Slime
Faster Crouching
Fish On The Line
Fire Spread Tweaks
First Join Message
Fixed Anvil Repair Cost
Followers Teleport Too
Furnace Recycle
Giant Spawn

Grass Seeds
GUI Clock
GUI Compass
GUI Followers
Grindstone Sharper Tools
Hand Over Your Items
Healing Campfire
Hide Hands
Hoe Tweaks

Husk Spawn
Ice Prevents Crop Growth
Infinite Trading
Inventory Totem

Just Mob Heads
Keep My Soil Tilled
Kelp Fertilizer

Milk All The Mobs
Mineral Chance
Mooshroom Spawn
Mooshroom Tweaks

More Zombie Villagers
Move Boats
Move Minecarts
Name Tag Tweaks

Naturally Charged Creepers
Nether Portal Spread
No Hostiles Around Campfire

Nutritious Milk
Omega Mute
Paper Books
Passive Endermen
Passive Shield

Pet Names
Pumpkillager's Quest
Quick Paths
Rain Be Gone Ritual

Random Bone Meal Flowers
Random Sheep Colours
Random Shulker Colours
Random Village Names
Realistic Bees
Recipe Commands
Replanting Crops
Respawning Shulkers
Scaffolding Drops Nearby

Shulker Drops Two
Skeleton Horse Spawn
Sleep Sooner
Smaller Nether Portals
Snowballs Freeze Mobs
Softer Hay Bales
Spiders Produce Webs
Stack Refill
Starter Kit
Stray Spawn

Superflat World No Slimes
Surface Mushrooms

TNT Breaks Bedrock
Transcending Trident
Tree Harvester
Underwater Enchanting

Vanilla Zoom
Village Spawn Point
Village Bell Recipe

Villager Death Messages
Villager Names
Weaker Spiderwebs
Wool Tweaks
Your Items Are Safe

Zombie Horse Spawn
Zombie Proof Doors

Zombie Villagers From Spawner


Serilum.com contains an overview and more information on all mods available.

Comments are disabled as I'm unable to keep track of all the separate pages on each mod.
For issues, ideas, suggestions or anything else there is the Github repo. Thanks!