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Filename The Pixelmon Modpack
Uploaded by PixelmonMod
Uploaded Jun 28, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 7.59 MB
Downloads 25,326
MD5 6d5fdcab06e11fab62b204eba17da145
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


"Hoooooow Original..."

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


New Pokémon Forms:
  • Added Origin Dialga.
  • Added Origin Palkia.
  • Added Haunted Tower and Haunted Castle boss and rare spawns.
  • Added Spear Pillar rare spawns.
  • Added Chalice Temple and Chalice Village rare spawns.
  • Added Ender Pearl to Galarian Slowking drops.
  • Added Extreme Hills Chalice Temple spawn.
  • Added Extreme Hills abandoned Chalice Village spawn.
  • Added Desert Hills Timespace Altar spawn.
New Items:
  • Added Lustrous Globe.
  • Added Adamant Crystal.
  • Added Griseous Core.


  • Removed structure spawn configuration options from structures.yml.
  • Moved Haunted Towers to Roofed Forest spawning.
  • Updated Haunted Tower variant A and B.
  • Updated Haunted House variant A and B.
  • Updated Haunted Village Path variant A, B and C.
  • Updated Haunted Village Berry Farm.
  • Updated Waypoints A and B variants for Badlands, Desert, Forest, Icy, Jungle, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna and Swamp.
  • Updated Raid Dens A and B variants for Badlands, Badlands Plateau, Basalt Delta, Beach, Crimson Forest, Desert, End Highlands, Ice Spikes, Jungle, Mushroom, Nether, Snow, Snowy Mountains, Soul Sand Valley, Swamp, Warped Forest and Water.
  • Added miscellaneous ruined structures and paths to Desert Ruin Raid Den.
  • Added short cooldown to item interactions after harvesting said item from a Pokémon.
  • Added Lustrous Globe to held items for Glaceon, Espeon and Flareon.
  • Added Adamant Crystal to held items for Leafeon, Umbreon and Vaporeon.
  • Added Griseous Core to held items for Giratina.
  • Updated Broken Cloning Machine to drop Aluminium Ingot.


  • 18290 Breaking multiblocks (like PCs, Trading Machines) causing client crashes.
  • 17527 Water-spawning Pokémon migrating across the land in search of new puddles.
  • 17544 Wallpaper selection in player PCs.
  • 18270 Hitting [ESC] while in the evolution screen, causing a camera and movement lock.
  • PokéChestDrops not loading due to a (sad) typo.
  • 18252 Renamed Pokéball being infinitely usable.
  • 17778 Being unable to catch raid Pokémon after leveling and learning a move.
  • 18307 Slowpoke drops from minecraft:fish to minecraft:cod.
  • Purugly drops having a minimum and maximum entry value swapped.
  • Duplicate drop chance values on pokédrops.
  • 18296 Pokédrops occasionally dropping air based on minimum quantity chances.
  • 18258 Trading Machine causing client crashes when trading Pokémon with no 'default' form, including Flabébé and Vivillon.
  • Traded Pokémon not updating properly after trading without using the 'Switch' or 'Randomize' buttons.
  • Edited Pokémon movesets not properly accepting non-English variants and saving improperly - it will now display after editing in English.
  • 17488 Origin Ball and Strange Ball missing models and textures.
  • Origin Ball party overlay missing texture.
  • Kommo-O's rare drop being not rare at all.
  • 17718 Chatting NPCs missing a 'Custom Texture' option under textures.
  • 18260 /pokegive random yielding legendaries, ultra beasts or shinies despite the config option disabling them.
  • 18310 NPC Editor displaying an incorrect message while npc-editor-op-only is false.
  • 18312 Pickup resulting in no loot after a battle.
  • 18383 NPCs missing Pixelmon-native textures.
  • 18186 Clear and Tidal Bells not ringing.
  • 18088 Pancham missing an evolution method.
  • 18300 Galar Zapdos missing its texture and animation.
  • 18244 Missing translation for Landorus Therian, Tornadus Therian, Tornadus Incarnate, Thundurus Therian, Enamorus Therian, Enamorus Incarnate, Sinistea Phony, Sinistea Antique, Polteageist Phony, Polteageist Antique, Mareep Shorn, Wooloo Shorn, Dubwool Shorn, Deerling Spring, Deerling Summer, Deerling Autumn, Deerling Winter, Sawsbuck Spring, Sawsbuck Summer, Sawsbuck Autumn and Sawsbuck Winter.
  • 18293 Missing nighttime requirement for Gligar evolution method.
  • 18292 Missing daytime requirement for Happiny evolution method.
  • 18288 Missing daytime requirement for Budew evolution method.
  • Mewtwo Y form not being marked as temporary.
  • 18229 Missing shiny forms for Shellos East and Shellos West.
  • Being unable to leave Ultraspace through Wormholes or Void.
  • Placed pokéloot changes not saving after world reload.
  • 17951 Berry and Apricorn saplings not dropping their fruit once broken.
  • Legendary spec not respecting the :false value when used in commands.
  • 17835 Missing movesets for Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales.
  • 17570 Max Mushrooms using a 2D model that does not drop when broken.
  • 17725 Spelling on 'Aluminum Shovel'.
  • 18282 Generated Pokéloot does not yielding loot and displaying a missing lang on interact.
  • 18086 Burmy missing drops, should now drop minecraft:string.
  • Missing movesets for Alolan Rattata and Alolan Raticate.
  • Emissive textures for Strike Zubat, Strike Golbat, Spectral Gastly, Spectral Haunter, Ashen Gengar, Strike Vaporeon, Spirit Vaporeon, Alter Porygon, G-Max Blastoise, Shiny G-Max Blastoise, Shiny G-Max Charizard, Halloween Ivysaur, and Spectral Gengar.
  • 18088 Pancham evolution party method.
  • 18161 Zacian and Zamazenta retaining their Crowned form.
    • 17852 Rockruff's evolution method defaulting to Midday form.
  • 18179 Berry Wood Doors dropping twice on break.
  • 17823 Berry Wood signs dropping Oak Signs on break.
  • 18107 Vanilla interactions with harvestable Pokémon such as Camerupt and Mareep.
  • Zombie Form moon phase spawning conditions.
  • In-ranch Pokémon not updating their model when interacted with shears.
  • Floette's Alternate-AZ form implementation.
  • 18061 Gliscor's model and texture displaying improperly.
  • 17912 MimeJr's evolution method not properly differentiating between regional forms.
Battle Fixes:
  • 17624 Chat box typing disabling itself during battles.
  • 17340 Raid Pokémon Max Moves not damaging all 4 allies.


  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Hebrew translation.


  • Added startup log warning when running a datapacked version of Pixelmon on clients or server.


  • Updated color() method to properly reflect API changes, fixing formatting codes not parsing displays.
  • 18029 Added UI element properties to set image scale.
  • Added UI element property to rotate the UI element.
  • Added packet to sync available possible trades when a player joins a server.

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