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Filename The Pixelmon Modpack
Uploaded by PixelmonMod
Uploaded May 16, 2022
Game Version 1.12.2   +1
Size 8.10 MB
Downloads 588,577
MD5 77669338bfcd2bfdcfa04b3dab05d4b6
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"A Love/Hate relationship :)"


New Pokémon:
  • Added Enamorus
  • Overqwil is no longer a big boi and had his size reduced to be more accurate
  • Reveal glass recipe center changed to diamond. Reveal glass removed from default boss drops.
  • Regular battles give a notification for when you get essence now.


  • Raids now respect the type two essence setting in tcg.cfg
  • 16945 Raids no longer randomize a Pokémon's form on catch
  • 17421 Disenchanting cards now properly adds essence
  • 17398 Water essence can now be gained
  • 17400 Hisuian-Goodra has the same abilities as kalosian form
  • 16337 RequireHM config does not work for Gen1 Pokémon
Battle Fixes:
  • 17092 Hidden Power is always normal type when used in G/Dmax
  • 17336 When a pokemon has Mold Breaker, Turboblaze or Teravolt uses a damaging move on a Zorua/Zoroark, the illusion will not wear off
  • 17226 Weather Ball with Normalium-Z does not apply z-crystal power increase when there is battle-weather present.
  • 17225 Fell Stinger does not act as a physical contact move.
  • Rollout now properly consumes PP.
  • 17204 Metronome can call moves it shouldn't, such as Max/G-Moves, and more.
  • 17095 Contrary ability not causing the opposite effect as it should.
  • 17089 Z-Mirror Move does not deal damage when copying opponents move
  • 17071 Some multi-hit moves are removing multiple shields on raids

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The Pixelmon Modpack 8.4.2 Server Files 35.95 MB May 16, 2022

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