The Origin: Exploration Modpack

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This modpack is mainly designed about exploration using mods like Valhelsia Structures, a lot of dungeon mods and even mods for improving dimensions like the end and the nether. Also, the modpack adds a new dimension, the Twilight Forest, a large and mystical dimension with lots of new enemies, structures and even new bosses.


Step 1: The Early Game

As soon as you start your world, you will have to choose an origin. Choose it wisely, because you will never be able to change it anymore! I would recommend you to start by destroying some trees, to get wood. You should build a little base and get a bed as fast as possible. After that, you should start exploring your world; but be careful, there are a lot of pillagers and terrible monsters. Also try exploring some caves to get ressources fastest. Try getting waystones for simple teleportation.

Step 2: The Mid Game

You have collected lots of ressources, maybe you will also have some better armor and good equipment. Now, continue exploring your world to get even better equipment. Enter other dimensions, like the Atum, the Twilight Forest and the Nether. Also start defeating some simple bosses from the Dungeons Mod. Start building up your enchanting table and also start exploring the dark magic of Eidolon. And, most important, start placing statues for the gods and sacrifice items or mobs for them to get their favor.

Step 3: The End Game

You probably collected a large amount of loot and useful equipment. Use all your power to get even stronger and more powerful. Then, start collecting the eyes of ender from the End Remastered Mod and start searching for the End Castle to entert he end portal and start your epic fight against the ender dragon.  





I would highly recommend you to use at least 4 GB of RAM. Also, installing OptiFine would improve your gameplay.





Abnormals Core 

Alex's Mobs


Aquaculture 2

Architectury API (Forge)

Ars Noveau

Atum 2: Return to the sands


Caelus API (Forge)


Cloth Config API (Forge)

Dungeon Crawl

Dungeons Gear

Dungeons Mod

Dungeons Plus


End Remastered

Extended Caves


Genesis - An Origins Addon

Goblin Traders

Greek Fantasy

Hardcore Dungeons

Hunter illagers

Ice and Fire: Dragons

Ice Ice Babys


Just Enough Items (JEI)

Kotlin for Forge

Mowzie's Mobs

Origins (Forge)



Rare Ice (Forge / Fabric)

Repurposed Structures (Forge)

Savage & Ravage

Shrines Structures

Stoneholm, Underground Villages (Forge)

Structure Gel API

The Conjurer

The Endergetic Expansion

The Farlanders

The Outer End

The Twilight Forest

Upgrade Aquatic

Valhelsia Core

Valhelsia Structures

Village Artifacts

Villager Names

Villager Respawns


When Dungeons Arise

YUNG's API (Forge)

YUNG's Better Caves (Forge)

YUNG's Better Mineshafts (Forge)



This is one of my first modpacks ever, so I really hope you like it. Have fun and let me know about buggs in the comments below. 

By the way, I would like you to check out PwrDown at YouTube, he really helped me with creating this modpack by posting awesome videos with modded content!


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