The Oasis(discord) Mods

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"This is a modpack for me and my friends, just to enjoy casual play and make it easier to play together. The pack covers mods from a mixed bag of things such new metals, new tools and weapons new forms of transport and extra bits of gameplay. 


The Mods included are
Alex Mob - adds more mobs to the game
Angel Ring - Allows Creative flight in Survival and removes fall damage

Better End - This mod vastly improves the End dimension

Clumps - groups XP orbs together into a single entity to reduce lag

Comforts - Adds sleeping bags and hammocks for, respectively, portability and turning day to night

Corpse - When you die it laves a corpse so your items stay safe
Crafting Mania - Adds more crafting
Dimensional Dungeons - adds a dimension of dungeons

Dungeons Gear - A port of Minecraft Dungeons gear to Minecraft: Java Edition.
Enhanced Celestials - Adds special moons like the blue moon which increases luck
Fast Leaf Decay - The leaves on trees disappear quicker
Iron Chest - add special chests
Iron Furnace - adds extra furnace options
JEI/JER - View Items and Recipes/A JEI addon that adds mob drops, ore gen

More Enchantments - Adds more enchantments to the game (including elytra enchantments)
Mystical World - Adds some nice features to make your world feel more alive!

Nature's Compass - Nature's Compass is a utility item that allows you to search for a biome's location
Odd Water Mobs - Discover new creatures from the ocean depths!
Oh The Biomes You'll Go - An Adventure & Exploration mod like no other with unique, magical, realistic, and detailed biomes!
Restored Earth - Bringing home the lost Minecraft: Earth content!

Serene Seasons - Seasons with changing colors, shifting temperatures, and more!

Simple Ores - A small mod that adds 5 unique and balanced ores.

Supplementaries - Vanilla+ additions: Jars, signposts, faucets, weather vanes spring launchers, sconces, planters, lights, decoration and automation
Terra Incognita: The Unknown Land - Spicing up exploration with new plants, food, biomes and tools
The Graveyard - A mod that adds biomes, structures, mobs and blocks themed around the graveyard.

The Undergarden - Deep underground, a forgotten land awaits.
Travelers Backpack - .is a Minecraft mod, which adds backpacks
Twilight Forest - Twilight Forest is a dimension exploration mod focused on adventure that will take you on a journey to meet strange creatures, exploring dungeons, and much more.

Upgrade Aquatic - A mod that improves the content in Update Aquatic.

Wandering Bag - Wandering Bag adds a loot for the wandering trader

Waystones - This mod adds waystone blocks that the player can return to once they've been activated, either through a Warp Scroll, a rechargeable Warp Stone, or by using an existing waystone to hop from one to the other.

What did you vote for - This mod adds the losing mobs from the 2021 mob vote into the game.

Wormhole(Portals) - Wormhole allows you to construct teleportation portals with the use of wormhole stabilizer technology!

Wyrmroost - A dragon mod that strives for unique and useful dragons in Minecraft.
Xaero's Minimap - Displays the nearby world terrain, players, mobs, entities in the corner of your screen
Yung's Better Dungeon/Mineshafts/Strongholds - Redesigns/ Improves the Dungeons, Mineshafts  and Strongholds of Minecraft

Macaw's Bridges - adds briges to minecraft
Xaero's Worldmap - adds a bigger map than the minimap

Wither skeleton tweaks - Wither Skeleton Tweaks makes farming and searching for wither skeletons a much easier task.
MCDoom - adds stuff to minecraft from doom series



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