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The Legend of Eternia - Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution

the mages went crazy and wanted to automate things, then they made steam power with the create mod and everything went the tech way from there.


Develope and Improvise your way onwards as you work your way through the Revolution!

  • Adds Roughly 2 dozen New Biomes to the overworld, and Several in other dimensions as well.
  • Adds an additional 7 Dimensions, each with its own Portal system
  • These Dimesnions come with Hundreds of new blocks, creatures, plants and more.
  • Adds over 3 dozen new hostile mobs to the game. And over a dozen Boss Mobs
  • Adds over 100 crops, plants, trees, flowers, vines and so on.
  • Introduces over 300 craftable and/or farmable Foods.
  • Adds over 100 new sets of Armor


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