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The Official HeroPack-Verse SuperHeroes Server



(God of War and Star Wars)


Welcome to The Official HeroPack-Verse SuperHeroes Server, a 1.7.10 Modded Superhero Minecraft server running the FiskHeroes Mod. The server offers a vast variety of Suits that players can enjoy and have fun with.

Discord: https://discord.gg/celestialnetwork


- > Wilderness World
- > Modded Ores
- > Keep Inventory
- > Create Homes
- > Claim your Bases to protect them from Griefing
- > Random Teleport to get farther out in the world



- > Find NPCs in the Cities and aid them in their quests
- > Earn Amazing Rewards for doing these Quests
- > Rewards vary depending on the Difficulty
- > Rewards include Tutridium and Eternium
- > More Quests added Weekly


Hero Games:

- > Battle other Players
- > Maximum of 10 Players per Match
- > Minimum of 2 Players per Match
- > 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5
- > Multiple Arenas including Gotham and Metropolis
- > Suits are provided during the match
- > Unlock additional Suits by levelling up in Survival



- > Maximum Level 20
- > Level up by Killing other Players or Mobs
- > Every Level gives Rewards
- > Rewards include Tutridium, BAL, Crate Keys, and
- > Unlock suits for HeroGames by levelling
- > Your Level is shown towards the left of your Username in chat



- > Use /Warps to access Warps
- > Travel Between Cities and the Wilderness
- > Travel to the HeroGames lobby
- > Travel to Arenas to fight other Players



- > Use /Kits to access Kits
- > Kits supply with you different items and materials
- > New Players have access to /kit Food, /kit Claim, and /kit Starter
-> Once you've reached 24 hours played you become Verified and gain access to /kit Verified
- > Additional Kits can only be unlocked by purchasing ranks through the Server Shop



- > A New Battlepass every Month
- > 20 Total Tiers
- > Progress by Completing Daily Challenges
- > Rewards include Tutridium, Eternium, BAL, AND Battlepass Exclusive Suits


In Game Shop:

- > Go to the In Game Shop via /warp Shop
- > Gain In Game Money by selling valuable ores in the Shop
- > Purchase Ores and Items in the shop by right clicking the signs assigned to the item



- > Purchase Tags from the Server Shop (/buy)
- > Tags are shown to the left of your Username
- > Tags can vary from something such as AVENGERS to SPEEDSTER

- > There are over 80 tags

- > All Tags have a equal chance of being obtained from the Tag Crate


Auction House:

- > Use /AH to access the Auction House
- > List Valuable Items on the Auction House to sell to other players
- > Purchase items that are listed on the Auction House by other players
- > Make Money and slowly make yourself to the top of /baltop



- > There are multiple cities to explore such as Metropolis and Gotham
- > You can travel to Cities using /warps
- > There are NPCs scattered through the cities that can give you quests
- > Certain Cities have houses that can be purchased
- > To travel to certain Cities you must be Verified (24 hours played)


Exclusive Suits:

- > This server uses many HeroPacks
- > Although some HeroPacks being used are public, some suits added to certain HeroPacks will be exclusive to the server only



- > Use /warp Crates to go to the Crates
- > Crate Keys can be obtained through the Server Shop, Levelling, Donator Kits, Battlepass, and Quests
- > All Suits and Tags have an equal chance of being obtained from their Crates




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