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-The Cataclysm-





 Boss Progression

  Movement Mechanics

  Changed Combat

  Classes and Subclasses: Heavy Warrior; Hell for Leather; Scoped Overseer; Devout Mage.


  Death Tweaks: Keep hotbar and armor on death; a tomb generates which keeps your items.

  Hunger/Healing Overhaul

  Constant Difficulty: Per-boss difficulty increase and dimension difficulty.

  New Structures and Dungeons

  An Original Soundtrack



The Cataclysm is an intense survival pack that combines Horror, RPG, and PVP-focused games, to create a unique and immersive experience that doesn't lose its appeal while progress is made.


This modpack also offers a better separation of minecraft's different difficulty modes, for both those seeking for a milder experience and those looking for a VERY HARD challenge. Unlike vanilla Minecraft, the modpack maintains a constant difficulty, increasing when defeating specific bosses rather than over time, which allows for a sustainable multiplayer experience with friends. And because of its unique way of locking resources between progression phases, one will easily find motivation to explore this world and overcome the beasts!


Finally, expect to find new movement mechanics that are difficult to master, but work together to make fighting (and fleeing) easier, more fun, and intense. Besides that, joining these features together with one of the four new unique classes and the extensive amount of accessories, one will find that there is an infinite number of possibilities for fighting styles.



Updates: Remember to manually change the modpack's version in CurseForge, whenever there are updates:



Note: if the symbol doesn't appear, it means that you are in the current version.


Shaders: Disable the Stellar Sky mod to make more shaders compatible.


Memory: Allocate at least 4-5 GB of RAM to the game to ensure the best performance.


Permissions: Feel free to do whatever you want with the modpack, though remember to add a visible link to this site on your project. If you use one of the original songs/resources on any project, message me for permission first.


Documentation: A wiki is currently in development. Meanwhile, there's a fully coded in-game guide.


Final Note: Download Optifine alongside this modpack, if you want better performance.





For you to discover...



The story focuses on being as mysterious and difficult to desipher as possible. And though it is a work in progress, many secrets already exist and are waiting to be uncovered...



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*For the creators: It is very possible that I may have overseen some creators' statement regarding the use of their work in modpacks. If that is the case with you, please feel free to contact me and let me know.*