Welcome to The Bois Kitchen Sink, an all purpose modpack with no rules or quests and a little bit of everything


You want Tech? You want Magic? You want Stupidity? Then this pack is for you! I would say that I threw in every thing but the kitchen sink, but we have those too.


After looking for a while at different modpacks and trying to find one that me and all of my friends can enjoy, I never really found anything that had what we were looking for. So that left one option, Create our own.


This is a culmination of all of the suggested mods from my friends and me combined into one pack for us to enjoy. It has everything from magic to tech and everything in-between


Notable Mods Include:


Thermal Series



Draconic Evolution

Aliens V. Predator

Scape and Run Parasites


As you can see from the last two, this pack may get a little out of hand and require a lot of effort to survive. This is because we wanted this to be a challenge and wanted to have fun surviving together.


I will probably be adding mods as me and my friends keep playing so keep an eye out for that.


If you feel like you enjoy modpacks that don't really have any rhyme or reason, or are just looking to kill time, then this pack is for you. With a little bit of everything tossed together, I hope that you all can enjoy this pack to its fullest