Age of Technological Progression

9,426 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 8, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

Welcome to The Age of Technological Progression a Hardcore Expert mode mod pack that will test you to your limits. You start off in a Harsh world full of natural disasters and smarter mobs that can destroy a poorly designed base. Getting wood is now 10 times harder requiring you to get leather which is more complicated to obtain than in vanilla and pickaxes have been removed form the early/mid-game to make way for a more complicated mining system using dynamite (Not vanilla TNT).

Because this is an Expert mode mod pack almost all the recipes that you were familiar with do not exist any more and/or were changed. No worries, you will be rewarded as you progress eventually being able to go into space, Build your own army, Make nuclear bombs and other overpowered weapons, Battle overpowered bosses, Create overpowered machines like the Terraformer(A devise that can regenerate areas of the overworld with whatever biome combinations you want) and Create your own dimension. Your ultimate goal however is to get into creative mode without doing /gamemode or any other means of cheating (This is something that only a Pro modded Minecrafter can accomplish)

(If you do manage to  get into creative mode without doing /gamemode or any other means of cheating say so in the comments and ill put your username right here>[  ] Turning your difficulty to peaceful or taking advantage of duplication bugs counts as cheating!)

[Note: I worked hard on getting rid of duplication bugs however a few may have slipped through so I'd like it if you reported any you find in the comments. :)]


The primary goal of this mod pack is to give players a unique Hardcore survival experience with as much realism as possible while still keeping the game fun.
[Yes I have played many of the popular modpacks (FTB Infinity, Sevtech:ages, ETC...)
and I thought most of them were boring/too easy hence why I created this one.]


If you like this modpack your more than welcome to check out my other ones: (1.12.2) (1.12.2)


Videos of the modpack:

(If you are recording a series of this modpack and you tell me I will include your video here as well): 

Suixyx's let's play series of the modpack:

My let's play series of the modpack: 

The full playlist:

Features as of version 4.3:
1: Tons of custom recipe changes made to give you a better playing experience.

2: A customized mining system. (inspired by the Siberia Mod)

  [Pickaxes have been removed from the early/mid-game]

  [You need to use dynamite to get ore(replaces vanilla TNT recipe)]

  [It is still possible to get TNT]

  [All the stone types have been given physics so cave-ins are possible] 

 3: A self sustaining Ecosystem. 

  [Trees slowly spread die and rot](Harder Wild Life)

  [Rotten trees fall over and turn into dirt]

  [Dirt can slide making it possible for trees to fill creeper/nuclear bomb craters]

  [Animals can breed without any player interaction](Harder Wild Life)

  [Animals can die of old age/starvation etc... (it takes a long time however)](Harder Wild Life)

4: Custom rock layers and ore placement similar to real life. (PFAA)

5: A progression system that locks certain block/items until you complete certain tasks. (Inspired by Sevtech: Age's progression system)

6: An Advanced Space Exploration system. (Advanced Rocketry)

7: Realistic Water and Lava (Realistic Fluids)

8: Tons of my own custom generated structures.
9: Most of the useless resources are no longer useless.

  [Some of PFAA's ores were given a use in the mid to late game]

  [Some of the useless materials were made into important crafting ingredients]  

10: Seasons and Realistic weather.

  [Yes seasons actual seasons(spring/summer/fall/winter)]

  [Snow falls in the winter and melts in the summer]

  [Localized weather]

  [Tornadoes! :D]

  [I changed lock vanilla weather to "don't lock" so that snow will still fall during the winter however        when vanilla rain is happening storms are more common rather than global rain/snow]

11: An advanced Tech tree that rewards you for making it further into the game.

12: Lots of Easter Eggs for you to discover.

13: A deeper world: (Inspired by deeper caves)

[Some dimensions are stacked on top of each other and must be accessed by breaking the bottom layer of bedrock and jumping into the void]

[Warning: Only the overworld and nether have dimensions under them so don't think you can jump off the end and survive.]

[All the dimensions under the overworld/nether are stacked so you can make some pretty deep mine shafts provided that you have a bedrock breaking tool.]

14: A semi-customized world generator.

15: Mobs can actually destroy a poorly designed with a combination of 2 different AI mods :)

(I'd recommend  building your 1st base on top of a tree or on stilts or something)

16: Over 170 custom quests. (Hardcore Questing Mod)

[Note: This picture was taken when I was still making the quests.] 


17: Nuclear Bombs and reactors.(HBM's nuclear tech)
18: The ability to make your own custom Ships,Airships,Spaceships,Dimensions and doors.
19: Limited amount of lives and the ability to craft extra. (Hardcore Questing Mod)
20: An Extended end game(Draconic Evolution)

21: The Ability to create your own army (You need the Carpentry bench to craft every thing related to army building) :D

 [Craftable NPC's that will fight for you]

 [NPC's are divided into 8 factions: "6 normal factions and 2 special factions"]

 [NPC's of different factions will fight each other to the death :D]

 [Factions: Normal:"Team Green,Team Red,Team Black,Team Yellow,Team Pink,Team Blue" Special: "Herobrine,Bison(Don't ask)"]

 [Warning: You have to craft a team chooser NPC first or all the craftable NPC's will kill you]

 22: The difficulty keeps getting harder and harder the longer you play. (Difficult Life)

 23: Wildfires and floods that very slowly destroy your world.

An example of how your world can get destroyed by a wildfire: 

[Note: It is extremely rare for a wildfire to get this big so your base should be safe for now :)] 

 [Note: A 5 block high 4 block thick cobblestone wall surrounding your base should be sufficient protection against both wildfires and floods :D]

 24: The ability to block all the natural disasters that I included in this pack with the cost of Expensive Resources.
(I Turned off tornadoes aiming at you when they spawn so that the storms will go in the direction of the wind rather than come straight at you every time a tornado spawns)

[Note: I Strongly advise allocating at least 7GB of memory before playing this pack]

[Note: I Highly recommend installing Optifine for the best Experience.] 

[Note: In the unlikely event of a recipe conflict you can use the worktable to make whatever your trying to craft]
This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player.
Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance.
Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled.

How to install with Twitch for windows 8/10 users:

How to install with MultiMC for Linux/Mac/Windows 7 users:



A list of mods in this Pack:

The Tech mods:

1: Advanced Rocketry
2: Hbm's Nuclear Tech
3: Applied Energistics 2
4: Industrialcraft 2
5: Mekanism
6: Buildcraft
7: Forestry
8: ProjectRed
9: Traincraft
10: Immersive Engineering
11: ender IO
12: Thermal Dynamics
13: Thermal Expansion
14: Thermal Foundation
15: RF Tools
16: Immersive Integration
17: Open Computers
18: Railcraft
19: Draconic Evolution
20: Foundry
21: TConstruct
22: Minechem
23: ProjectE
24: Electrical Age

25: Mine Factory Reloaded

26: Enhanced Portals 3

27: Dimensional Pockets

 The Hardcore mods:

1: Enviromine
2: Weather 2
3: Monster Swarm
4: Harder Wildlife
6: Better Beginnings
7: Realistic Torches
8: Special AI(now it actually matters that you get to bed on time)

9: Aqua Creepers!

10: Realistic Fluids Overhaul (Water actually flows)

11: Progression

12: Difficult Life :D 

13: Mob Properties

14: Iguana Tweaks

15: Hardcore Darkness

16: Weeping Angels

17: Block Properties

 The world gen mods:

1: Per Fabrica Ad Astra
2: Streams
3: More Fun Quicksand Mod

4: Wild Mobs Mod

5: Ruins

6: Just a Few Fish 

7: Biospheres Mod (Used in an optional world download)

8: New Dawn (Used in an optional world download)

 Mods added for fun:

1: Portal Gun
2: Hats
3: DecoCraft
4: Archimedes Ships
5: Ironchests
6: Chisel
7: Architecture Craft

8: Road Stuff

9: Carpenters blocks

10: Dynamic Surroundings

11: Advanced Lightsabers

12: Invisiblocks

13: NEI

14: CustomNPCs

15: Better Foliage

16: Journey Map

17: Custom Things

18: World Drop

19: Not enough resources

20: Mystcraft
[Note: not all the mods added for fun are listed here]

A mod that lets you play minecraft with almost any game system controller that used to be included with the pack:


[Note: HQM hardcore mode is enabled by default but I added a recipe for getting extra lives]

This mod pack was inspired by Terrafirmapunk, SevTech:Ages and FTB Infinity Evolved Expert mode.

Full list of mods and authors:

(I also listed the Authors,Maintainers and Owners of the mods)
1:Advanced Rocketry by zmaster587
2:Applied Energistics 2 by AlgorithmX2,akarso,Cisien,fireball1725 and thatsIch
3:ArchimedesShips by Balkondeur
4:Architecture Craft by gcewing
5:Avaritia by SpitefulFox and TTFTCUTS
6:Better Beginnings by einsteinsci
7:Brandons Core by brandon3055
8:buildcraft by CovertJaguar,Krapht and SirSengir
9:buildcraft compat by buildcraftchildsplay and AEnterprise
10:Chisel by tterrag1098,Drullkus and Minecreatr
11:Code Chicken Core by chicken_bones
12:CoFHCore by TeamCoFH
13:CoFHLib by TeamCoFH
14:coroutil by Corosus
15:Craft Tweaker by jaredlll08,StanH
16:Custom Ore Gen by noogenesis
17:Draconic Evolution by brandon3055
18:Ender IO by CrazyPants,tterrag1098,MatthiasM and Henry_Loenwind
19:Enviro Mine by TimbuckTato,Funwayguy,GenDeathrow and thislooksfun
20:Farseek by delvr
21:fastcraft by Player
22:forestry by SirSengir,CovertJaguar,MysteriousAges and mezz
23:Foundry by EXTER7
24:Hats by iChun
25:Hbm's Nuclear Tech Mod by HbMinecraft
26:HQM The Journey by lorddusk,Newcastlegeek and Vswe
27:IChunUtil by iChun
28:Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize and malte0811
29:immersive Integration by UnwrittenFun
30:Industrialcraft by Player,Aroma1997,Chocohead,estebes and RichardG867
31:ironchest by progwml6 and Alexbegt
32:LibVulpes by zmaster587
33:Malisiscore by Ordinastie
34:Malisisdoors by Ordinastie
35:Mantle by mDiyo,Arkan,boni and progwml6
36:Mcjtylib by McJty
37:Mekanism by aidancbrady
38:Minechem by jakimfett
39:MineTweaker RecipeMaker by DoubleDoorDevelopment,Claycorp and dries007
40:ModTweaker by jaredlll08
41:MoreFunQuicksandMod by MrBlackGoo
42:NEI addons by bdew
43:NEI Integration by Tonius
44:Not Enough Items by chicken_bones
45:Open Computers by Sangar,payonel and Vexatos
46:Per Fabrica Ad Astra by noogenesis
47:Portal Gun by iChun
48:ProjectE by sinkillerj
49:ProjectRed by Mr_TJP
50:Railcraft by CovertJaguar
51:RealisticTorches by Chaosyr
52:RFtools by McJty
53:Streams by delvr
54:TConstruct by fuj1n,progwml6 and mDiyo
55:Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH
56:Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH
57:Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH
58:Traincraft by Mrbrutal,Spitfire4466,canitzp and NitroxydeX
59:Tube Transport System by ShadedDimensions
60:Weather 2 by Corosus
61:DecoCraft 2 by RazzleberryFox
62:FTBLib by FTB_ModpackTeam,jaredlll08 and LatvianModder
63:FTB Utilities by FTB_ModpackTeam and LatvianModder
64:Monster Swarm by Keray
65:chunkgen by gecgooden
66:Harder Wildlife by Draco18s
67:Electrical Age by Baughn and Dolu1990
68:Special AI by FatherToast

69:Carpenter's Blocks by Syntaxial and Mineshopper
70:Road Stuff by KillerMapper
71:Minefactory Reloaded by skyboy026
72:Dynamic Trees by ferreusveritas

73:Enhanced Portals 3 by ShadedDimensions

74:Dynamic Surroundings by OreCruncher

75:Wild Mobs Mod by Markus1002

76: Aqua Creepers! by MrCompost and Vadis365

77:NoVillage by OlivBEL

78:Ruins by AtomicStryker

79:Just a Few Fish by Tmtravlr

80:Advanced Lightsabers by FiskFille

81:Elsewhere Border by  TehNut

82:Lockdown by Adubbz

83:Difficulty Locker by MattsOnMc

84:FTB Tweaks by jaredlll08

85:Invisiblocks  by Sirencrafter

86:Realistic Fluids Overhaul by keybounce

87:Custom Main Menu by Lumien

88:Resource Loader by Lumien

89:Mad Help by brandon3055

90:Difficult Life by DarkxElocius

91:Better Foliage by octarine_noise

92:JourneyMap by techbrew

93:Custom NPCs by Noppes

94:VillagerTradingBan by modmuss50

95:Dimensional Pockets by NPException and Jezza

96:Progression by joshiejack and TheCodedOne

97:Mob Properties by FatherToast

98:Custom Things by tterrag1098

99:Iguana Tweaks by Parker8283 and iguana_man

100:Ender Core by tterrag1098, CrazyPants and Henry_Loenwind

101: World Drop by Domochevsky

102: Hardcore Darkness by Lumien

103: Weeping Angels by TheTemportalist

104: Origin by TheTemportalist

105: Not Enough Resources by Way2muchnoise and hilburn

106: Mystcraft by XCompWiz

107: Block Properties by FatherToast

108: Biospheres Mod by TheWolfOfWolfs

109: New Dawn

[if any one has any suggestions for mods/etc... please say so in the comments. :)]

[If you do a youtube video/Twitch stream using this modpack please leave a link in your video/live stream's description back to this page. If you leave a comment telling me that you did a youtube series using this mod-pack I may put a link to your video on this page. :)]


Comments have been disabled because I also have a discord page for the modpack and having to read comments from multiple sources gets annoying. If you do not have discord just send me a message if you found a bug or something.