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Aether: Multiplayer

Modding Legacy Discord Server Built with Minecraft Forge

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Modding Legacy's Aether Server Modpack that includes The Aether and Aether: Lost Content

📖 Summary

The Aether is very nostalgic on its own. This modpack contains The Aether, along with the best addons for it and some optimizing mods for you to enjoy a smooth Aether experience. This is also for Modding Legacy’s server hosting this modpack.

The server offers exclusive +8 fully custom biomes, +20 advancements, and more!

You can join the server with either IP(s)

👉 lost.theaether.net

🐳 How To Play

You can use this modpack for your own servers, play offline in singleplayer, but this modpack was meant for Modding Legacy’s Aether Server.

📦 List of Mods

🖼️ Server Screenshots

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