The 1.12.2 Pack: Perfectly Complex

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Filename The 1.12.2
Uploaded by xJon__
Uploaded Jun 3, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 44.46 MB
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MD5 773d58ac5c5525860481816a8da5df83
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The Modular update is here!
This update is all about modularity, flexibility & extra functionality. Do you want to build drawbridges, or save & send blueprints of your builds? This is all possible, starting now.
This is the second major update of the modpack and you can expect a fair few changes. Make sure to forward any feedback or bug reports over to help the modpack's development!

• Added Modular Routers, Schematica, Zetta Industries, Plethora Peripherals (ComputerCraft peripheral provider) & Gas Conduits (which brings support for EnderIO gas pipes).
• Modular Routers is a very powerful & flexible mod for moving items around the world, all using the Item Router and its modules. Using it players can build contraptions like drawbridges, and much more!
• Schematica is a mod that lets you save and load schematic files in your world as a hologram, for easier building. It provides various features to simplify building big projects & allows players to save and share their creations.
• Zetta Industries adds many features that work with other mods; one of them is the QuarryFixer, which helps your quarries deal better with lava. It's very recommended to check it out for more details!
• A few config tweaks: the Strange Crystal can be used in the IC2 Replicator; enabled Quark's Color Runes and Dragon Scales; coins can now be crafted; and a few more minor changes.
• Updated 38 mods to their latest versions. Some of these updates contain important bug fixes, and new features.
• Morph mob abilities have been implemented! Now players can steal the unique abilities of different mobs (the flying ability is disabled by default for balance reasons).
• Thaumic Tinkerer has more functionality now as it has been updated from alpha to beta.
• This new modpack version now uses Mixin 0.8 and should support the latest versions of SpongeForge better.
• You can see more information regarding the mod changes of this update through this link:


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