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Filename The 1.12.2
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Uploaded Jan 28, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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The Quark update is here!

Like quarks, each individual added feature is small, but they build into a larger whole (taken from description of the Quark mod) - this is what this update is all about. 
This is the first feature update of the modpack and it is big. Please note that performance should be the same but the loading time might extend by about half a minute.

If you suffer from any issue after updating, please be sure to report them over to help the modpack's development!



• By your request, added Planet Progression & Quark! Both are heavily modified and configured, also by using the newly added CraftTweaker & its addon LootTweaker.
Also added Construct's Armory, Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded and the Unloader mod.

• We've been working with the author of Planet Progression to add some newly exciting features to the mod, especially with this modpack update. In order to find new planets & moons in your Galacticraft map, you will first need to research them. Research papers need to be used in the Telescope & can be obtained with the Satellite Controller by sending off your own research satellite! You can find more info in-game or over here.

• Quark is heavily configured to fit with the theme and style of the modpack. It adds a lot of exciting new features including new world generation (underground biomes, crabs, pirates & more), new decorative blocks (colored chests, paper walls, stained wooden planks, and more), and literally hundreds of new small features. You can read more about some of them here.

• Construct's Armory adds new armor options in the Tinkers Construct style. Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded will suppress server-wide Wither-killing-sound so Wither farms will not be annoying. The Unloader mod will improve performance by unloading unused dimensions.

• Wrote and added multiple custom scripts for CraftTweaker & LootTweaker which will introduce some tweaks & fixes that improve overall gameplay!

• Added a custom RestoreBackup.bat script with the server package. It's supposed to help with the fact that restoring backups on the server-side lacks a GUI. It will automatically restore the latest server backup, and the script can be modified to target a different backup.

• Many config tweaks, especially regarding the newly added mods. Should balance world generation more and introduce the new mods well in the pack.

• Updated 17 mods to their latest versions. Some of these updates contain very important bug fixes!

• You can read more information regarding the changes of this update through this link:


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